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First time for everything! I've been dreaming about this for years, and it's about time I got started doing it!!
My inspiration is from Halo: Reach, the game that was so beautifully constructed around the destruction of Reach (Never Forget), and seeing one's armor configuration appear in the cutscenes between the action and alongside fellow spartans in Co-Op or Multiplayer.

Now, without further ado!

[Reserved for Completed Pictures]

Helmet: --------------- PLANNING
Armor:----------------- PLANNING

  • Chestplate: ----------- PLANNING
  • Left Shoulder: --------- PLANNING
  • Right Shoulder: ------- PLANNING
  • Gauntlets: ------------- PLANNING
  • Greaves: ---------------PLANNING
Undersuit: ------------- PLANNING


  • Speaker System: ------ PLANS COMPLETE - Materials Gathered - Ready to Build
    [Materials Gathered: Speaker, Resistors, Wires, Battery Case, Mic Amplifier, Audio Amplifier. ]
  • Helmet Audio: -------- PLANS COMPLETE - Materials Gathered - Ready to Build
    [Materals Gathered: Circuit Board, Wires. Will use same battery source as above in parallel to each other.]
  • Water Cooling: -------- PLANNING
DMR: ------------------ PLANNING
Energy Sword: ---------PLANNING


Current plan for the build is as follows:
  1. Work and Complete the helmet and parts of the build that aren't dependent on my current size. These include boots, gloves, helmet, electronics, pauldrons, and accessories.
  2. Finalize plans for the cooling circuit and how it will be woven into the body of the undersuit.
    a. Bring Weight into Healthy Levels.
    b. Take new measurements for the next part of the build.
    c. Build a prototype or proof of concept for the cooling circuit.
  3. Work and Complete the next section of body parts less impacted by my size. These include the greaves and gauntlets.
  4. Sew and complete underlayers with final cooling circuit installed.
  5. Take new measurements for the center part of the build: These include the chestplate, thighs, upper arms, and belt.
  6. Paint the armored parts and seal with finish.
I will occasionally check in with my progress. Heaven knows I need something to keep me accountable.

Potential Snags are as follows:
  1. My school program ends soon. With a new job, I might very well be moving by the end of the year. I want my project to be simple and portable.
  2. Inexperience can slow anything down by a heck of a lot. I compensate for that by doing an extensive amount of research, reading, and studying beforehand, but there's nothing quite like first-hand experience to build confidence.
  3. Materials: I have plenty of ideas for how I will build my armor, and I believe I will mix materials depending on convenience, space, and what is available to work on in between shifts, school, or exercise.

Erin-233 signing off.
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