1st Build Halo reach build start to finish


Belt done :) kinda winged it with a slight plan, happy with how it came out, it’s adjustable for when I lose my quarantine blubber haha it snaps on both sides and has a groin strap to secure the cod piece that goes from the back to the front and buckles to the backside of the cod. All armor parts are securely fastened and to do flap or move when walking.


  • 6F758C07-1D4E-4CC4-B016-FC3879BA14DB.jpeg
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Hey there! Waking up this thread lol. I’ve been following you on Instagram and I am absolutely in love with your work! I’m also beginning to work on my own suit with a 3D printer, as well as using NerdForgeDesigns’s files, and I was curious: you don’t have it pictured here, but I noticed you added that black undersuit part up over the shoulders on your chest piece. How’d you go about doing that?

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