Halo: Reach/CE hybrid Master Chief WIP


I know I'm late to the party, but man that helmet is incredible. I've been trying to kitbash a hybrid 3/Reach helmet exactly like yours for almost a year out of Reach models and you go and do it in your opening shot! It's based on the version in the CEA terminal cutscenes, isn't it?

I don't suppose you'd be willing to share the STL file, or maybe a pepakura for it? I'm in the process of planning a Package/Infinite/Reach hybrid suit and that helmet is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Hey there! Don't take this the wrong way, but I want the helmet to be my own signature thing and I really don't have any plans to distribute it. As DefineLuck pointed out, I had the file on my Etsy briefly, but that was literally just to sell it to a good friend. A rather clunky way of doing it, but eh. Maybe down the road I will release it, but not for a bit. At least not until HOD is all over with.


What an excellent build of the helmet! I am very excited to see this suit pull through for Anahiem Outpost and to see it in person! What's your plan for the interior of your helmet? Any electronics or voice amplifier?
Absolutely going to install a voice amp system in it, as well as (hopefully) some small fans in the actual cheek vents themselves. Authenticity, yo!


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Yeah, it's really nice and fairly cheap. The troubles come in getting them smoothed out after printing
This. I printed a super small prop once (it was a controller stand), spent 3hrs sanding it down and it never really turned out. Got kinda turned off to 3D printing after that.

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So at long last, bit of an update. I may or may not have accidentally broken one of my shoulder plates. To compensate, I'm going to my backup plan and making some custom pieces I designed. Now the whole suit will be a Reach/CE hybrid, rather than just the helmet.

it isn't what I had originally planned to do, but at the same time I'm very excited to be putting my own spin on this iconic character.Perhaps a blessing in disguise? I've changed the thread name to accommodate
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Ran out of time before HOD, and COVID related reasons have prevented further work on it. I want to do it still, but circumstances just haven't been good lately.