Halo Reach Commando Helmet Foam Pepakura


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Does anyone have a good pep file for halo reach commando for foam. I know about the armory's files, but many small details(like part of the face/cheek part) have many small details that I can't work around for foam.
Unfortunately, the unfold that is in the armory is the only file available for foam/pepakura work. Because of the way pepakura works, the files are much easier to work with when simplified and lack very small details. It shouldn't be too hard to make since it doesnt seem like the parts get too complex, but the templates are more of a base guideline to get the rough shape. You will still need to carve and add some small details here and there, and maybe even build from scratch if a specific part of the template isnt the right shape. Looking at the ingame reference will be a huge help, and dont be afraid to experiment! You can always recut a new peice if you didnt like how another one was going together

Since pepakura doesnt account for the thickness of foam and is supposed to be paper thin, you may actually have to leave out some spammer parts, or you can try and cut the foam in a way it could fit. Try and find some threads of people that have already built the helmet and see if what they did would help :)