Halo Reach Costume Special FX


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Very nive!
But maybe you could have blurred out the warthog more, would give it a more real effect (?)


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I thought it was pretty neat. I liked how Emile came walkin in looking all tough. lol The warthog did look pretty funny though. It didn't look like it belonged. XD Otherwise, it was pretty cool. I liked it. :p

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Very nicely done.

I kind of like the camera bouncing around. Gives it more of a feel like you're there with him.

It might be worth putting the camera in the helmet to get a PoV shot, or adding some special effects to a shot to make it look like we're seeing what you see.


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The video was awesome, but like everyone else said, the warthog could have used work as well as the lighting.

Great work on on the vid!



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Your video definitely looks awesome, love the mussel flash, but as said before, the warthog looks out of place, and a tip for filming, for the shots in front of the actors, try not to have the sun in the background, it causes that glare on the lens...but other then that the film looked amazing, keep up the good work!!!

sonic sod

i agree with what was said previously this would be awesome if the warthog was blurred or faded because it didn't fit with the quality of the video


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I liked it, if you put some plywood sheets down it might help the tripod roll.

I see what you did thar, Vid length 1:17.
Very nice, guys! Let me offer you a few pieces of constructive criticism.

1.) The whole "I'm a spartan and I can walk into battle" thing is terribly unrealistic and doesn't look cool at all. Take an afternoon and watch Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan. Notice how they ALWAYS use cover whenever it's available and when they are moving from cover to cover they are sprinting. I know Halo doesn't capitalize on cover, but Spartans are trained all their lives for war and I promise you, shields or no shields, they use cover.

2.) I like the gun effects a lot. Adding smoke with Adobe After Effect would take it to the next level. A guy on youtube offers incredible tutorials that will help you make them look like real gun shots. You can find him here.

3.) The warthog is really hokey looking. That maybe one of those concepts that it would be better to leave out unless you can do it really well. I am sure that you could find a way to do it and make it look realistic, but it may not be worth the massive time and effort involved.
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Nicely done sir (To both of you), I agreed with the comments that the warthog needed a bit of work, but I otherwise enjoyed it. Fantastic job with the effects, and it really reminded me of the Deliver Hope trailer. Depending on the mobility of your armor, I think that utilizing a bit more cover (like what Templar320 said) would add a bit more realism.