1st Build Halo Reach Foam Build (In Progress)


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I spent a majority today finishing up the front of the chest piece. I have learned so much and I need to hang onto this as the real reward for the time and energy I put into this.

I'll try to show pictures in chronological order of what I did.

First I added the details to the front of a chest piece. I didn't do it the first time because I doubted myself. Going forward I will do it sooner than later. It is so much harder to add details or cuts to a piece already glued to another piece.


I attached 2 of the front chest pieces together. This was scary until it was done, and much less scary than the parts that came later :lol:. I put hot glue over the seams made from barge glue for added support. On the picture below pieces that were pictured attached in one of my previous posts above are indeed missing. This is because I had to re-do them.

Image (1).jpeg

I then glued this piece above to the longer segments that connect it to the back. There is a tiny strip that goes in between these two parts on the right and left side. It almost makes it seem like the joint wasn't glued nicely. Not sure if I should make that wider?

Image (2).jpeg

After this I worked on the collar again. I managed to finish it as a separate piece. I am not sure if this is ideal because putting it on was very very hard. I am able to get my head into this, but my concern was that I would not be able to get it out once it was attached to the rest of the chest piece.

Image (3).jpeg

After managing to glue it on my suspicion that my head would not fit was confirmed. I can probably still get my head in, but I cannot get my head out once it is in....

Image (6).jpeg

There were a lot of parts on here that didn't glue together so nicely. I have learned for next time, yet again...

Decided to move forward with completing parts of this. Here are the bottom 'collars'(?) that go onto the chest piece. I finished addint the details to them. These pieces showcase my first try with barge glue about 2 weeks ago. They could be better but I was happy with them.

Image (7).jpeg
Image (8).jpeg

Gluing these two pieces above to the chest piece was difficult :eek:. Some of the angles were too acute when I made them. More notes for next time. The foam is very forgiving though for 'making it fit' though.

And this is what it looks like.

Image (11).jpeg
Image (9).jpeg
Image (10).jpeg

Spider suggested I make the collar detachable which sounds like a great idea. I will have to deliberate on how I would do this :unsure:. I will keep this piece as a reference. I am not sure if it is a complete lost cause at this point. I know when I make the back, I am going to mess up a lot, so my "lesser quality" back will be used with this perhaps.

In the meantime I can try to re-cut the front pieces carefully, and make them a tad better/easier to glue onto each other. If I can re-cut most of these before my procedure in 4 days then maybe I can finish the chest in this lifetime.

Me in 4 days:

I want to thank you all for your encouragement, and a big thanks to Spidermonkey60 for all the tips, patience, and feedback.
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scorch its so clean! Ill let you know when it comes to the neck area, you dont need to make it removeable most reach chests tun too small in the spot. If you can pull it wide as you pop your head in and out i would just do that. The 2 reach sets ive done so far have been tight in the neck area as well


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Okay back from hiatus and picking this back up while I can. Third time is a charm! Especially if I don't count the 2 tries from years ago.

This one is a bit rougher around the edges with gluing and cuts but I feel like it's healthy for me to be more lenient with myself lol. I am going to follow the suggestion of Spidermonkey60 and skip the neck area on this one since my head didn't fit through the last one. I'm wondering what I am going to do with the last one. I wondered if I could even cut out the collar part...might be too destructive.