Halo Reach Gungnir Computer/Display Setup


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I wanted to try to make a working Halo Gungnir helmet using an Oculus CV1 as the display. I have always liked the Gungnir from Reach and with Facebook banning peoples Oculus accounts I decided I wanted re-purpose my hardware. Right now I'm unsure of what would be the best computer for driving the headset. I would like to use something like the raspberry pi but it needs to do some basic video processing, and output 2160x1200 at 90hz. I don't think a Pi could do that, if anyone thinks otherwise or has ideas of what sorta system could drive that display that would be great. Also open to any ideas of what sorta cool things I could try to add to the hud.


I'm not sure about the refresh rate, but the resolution shouldn't be a problem for a raspberry pi 4. As long as the video processing stays light enough, it should be able to handle it as well. For more complex compiter vision stuff, you might need something more powerfull like a jetson nano, but the pi can do quite a lot with good cooling and maybe some overclocking.

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