For Sale Halo Reach/Halo 5 EOD Helmet Raw Kits For Sale

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    These raw kits are available in two sizes. Up to 23.5" head size and Greater than 23.5" Head size
    All Kits come with Main Helmet Base, a Left and Right side re-breather, a rubber neck seal, 16 neodymium magnets for the neck seal to be attached, and a sheet of water slide decals. All kits are raw resin cast kits. All kits will require finish work.

    Please visit my etsy shop for more info:
    Halo Reach: EOD Helmet

    EOD Full Front.jpg

    EOD Helmet Back View.jpg

    EOD KIT Back View.jpg

    EOD KIT Front View.jpg

    EOD Left Side.jpg
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