Halo Reach/Infinite Style ODST - Band of Brothers Mashup


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I've been working on a Band of Brothers inspired ODST for the last few months. The helmet, armor pieces and weapons are all 3D printed. The vest is modified from an existing molle vest with the reach style plate carrier over. I've always wanted to do a different take from the gray default style armor, something for a different, more woodland environment, plus being a fanboy of Band of Brothers and WWII in general.

Comparison with my old setup from 2015.

Old and busted / New Hotness


Main Chest Rig. The center logo is of the WWII era 506th regiment commanded by Robert Sink, who stayed with them for the entire duration of hostilities. The regiment earned the nickname "Five-Oh-Sink".

I'd like to think the 101st will still be around in the 26th century, having updated from Airborne, to ODST.


This is a 3d printed buckle for a magnetic catch. I'm still in the process of designing a Reach style backpack to go with the rest of the armor.


The default bolt lock was way too plain for my liking. Updated with a little more detail.

The classic DMR is a favorite of mine, but man that thing is too long and unwieldy. The modified DMR Bandit is just the right size, especially when in armor. I replaced the classic scope with one from Halo 5.

Reach shotgun. Nuff said.


Simple addition to the SMG with a suppresor wrap.



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The idea of a 101st ODST is one of the coolest mashup concepts I think Ive ever heard of. Makes me think of the recent Phaseline Co Halo designs
Mini update. I had my first public outing with my ODST this past Saturday here in Lafayette, LA at the inaugural CreatorsCon. And it was my honor to meet the expert on all things foam cosplay Odin Makes. And talked shop with The Nola Bat Cosplay in his Halo Infinite Master Chief.

And folks, go add Nola Bat. He's seriously talented and should have more followers than I'm seeing.

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dude that looks wicked cool, if you ever find yourself up in Washington let me know, I’d love to get some pics with ya in costume, Keep up the great work!
Small update. I redid the 101st decal a little bit bigger so it stands out a bit better.

Also a pic with my good friend Lady Luna Loveless cosplay as I give a quick rundown of my cosplay for the con attendees.

View attachment 336472 View attachment 336473
Dude I love it, might have to show some of the guys in my unit, I’m trying to aim for a modern army ODST, might just use my TA-50 with an odst chest plate and helmet
Dude I love it, might have to show some of the guys in my unit, I’m trying to aim for a modern army ODST, might just use my TA-50 with an odst chest plate and helmet

I had to size my chest plate down to about 85% so it wouldn't hit my arms. We were talking shop and I pointed out how these armors look cool but would not work realistically. Just look at how modern militaries have their gear. Plate carriers close to the body, ammo carriers nearer to the waist. Chief and the ODST's look cool, and trust me, I feel badass wearing it, but HOO BOY they would get their asses lit up in a firefight against modern forces.

Also, update on my backpack. Scratch building via 3D Printing and foam. The lower section, some plates and buckles will be printed, rest foam.
BP Progress.png
Well fancy meeting you here :) suit looks fantastic. Here's my 506th suit, I'm a WWII reenactor of D Co 2/506th and thats where the inspiration came from.
DUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!! Another Five-Oh-Sink helljumper!??!?!?!!?!? I gotta get back to the forum more often LOL!!!!!

FANTASTIC WORK TROOPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speirs would be proud!!!!!!

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