Halo Reach Mark V Helmet Build (Part 1)


Alright let's start this with a quick rundown, here's the tools I'm using for this project: rattlecan paint, 3D printers, a whole lot of sandpaper, and some electronics!

This build started on Etsy on NerdForge's etsy, I snagged myself the files for the helmet, and a physical visor. After I downloaded the files I went ahead and popped em' into Cura and started slicing. Naturally I started printing as soon as possible, and a week later I had my raw print!


Next I went onto sanding, because sadly, it's almost the most important step. Ya'll should know the drill by now, some 80 grit, 180 grit, and just keep going higher grit! After that I slapped on some primer, sanded, and kept that going till I found something I was happy with.



As I finished that up I moved onto painting, hitting the helmet with some black and masking off the sort of composite looking parts. Then some silver and toothpaste for paint chipping, and finally a nice gray for the base coat!



Sadly I did have some paint cracking, but I've decided to leave it as some wear and tear!


Aaaaand here's the partially finished product! Shortly after I decided to add the helmet stickers as well, some simply sticker paper worked well for this!



Thanks for reading all! Part 2 hopefully coming soon!


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