Halo Reach McFarlane Warthog


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Hey guys i just recently snagged the new McFarlane figures warthog from a local walmart and i'm not sure what to think. I bought it in the store and couldn't wait to get it home to see how my figures would look in it happy as a little schoolboy. I can say one thing for sure this thing is huge ! It's McFarlanes new attempt to make scale vehicles for the normal size figures but something tells me it might be just a tad TOO big even next to the new ghost i also picked up. All that aside this thing is just awesome tell me what you think.





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I just picked one up tonight too and I think it's a little undersized. It seems a bit closer in scale to the H3 figures, a touch small for the slightly larger Reach toys.

It is very cool though. Could use a new paintjob for sure, with weathering and detailing and all the little decals.


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Yea, i knew something about the scale just bugged me. I would love to slap a new paint job on it too that would be a good side project.


Do want.

I've been wanting a nice Warthog for a long time.

And for the guys that think it looks too new, well, the great thing about weathering techniques is that they apply to a broad range of mediums. The dry-brushing tutorials floating about Creation Discussion would work well here. Or you could go to a book store or hobby store and pick up a scale model magazine. They usually have weathering techniques in almost every issue.


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There are a lot of things I don't like about it.

For starters, the polystyrene it's made of feels incredibly cheap. I mean, awfully. Past quality of material, it feels wide, and not nearly tall enough. It also seems to ride WAY low on those suspension arms.

Honestly, they could have added so much more gimmick, for the amount of time we've been waiting for this. Removeable hubcaps, armor, stickers on the displays, steering... None of which would have been difficult or expensive to produce, all of which would have made it worth the $30 pricetag.