Halo Reach, Military Police, Spartan 3 (First Attempt)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Nadir, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Nadir

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    Been feeling obligated to make a post since I've been using the recources, and sharing my progress elsewhere..This is (hopefully) going to be my first complete pepakura build... Based on the Spartan 3 armor seen in Halo Reach, I'm hoping to complete the Military Police Helmet with the HESA-E Variant, at the least.. Feel free to drop questions, comments or concerns... Nadir, out... IMG_20170830_183114.jpg 1505099840323.jpg IMG_20171015_231006.jpg IMG_20171015_231015.jpg IMG_20171015_231029.jpg 1508391498381.jpg 1508391504025.jpg 1508465007312.jpg IMG_20171019_210342.jpg IMG_20171019_210354.jpg

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  2. Nadir

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    Adding details missing from Military Police file, trying different method for the cnm attachment... 1510524174879.jpg 1510524201838.jpg 1510524291993.jpg 1510524301500.jpg
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    So far everything is looking real good man!!! Keep it up.
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    Achievement Unlocked - "Pepakura Patience" 100g

    Looking good dude!
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  5. Nadir

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    Current state




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