Halo Reach Mjolnir Mk V - foam build


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Hey all,
It's been awhile scene I've posted any of my work so I may as well get a new thread going.
This time I'm jumping on the trend of NSW Aussies building Reach armour and once again I'm aiming for Supanova in June.
So far I've got the legs
and arms done.
18253861_1153422281453132_1531533228_n.jpg 18254621_1153422311453129_1684156558_n.jpg 18280006_1153422294786464_2106959387_n.jpg

I'm planning on using either the Mk V, Mk Vb or CQC for the helmet with MK V and Hazop for the shoulders.

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The build's looking really nice so far. I'm a huge fan of the blue's and purple's because multiplayer but the practical looking ones always look so realistic. It's a rough choice lol.


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have you looked at rustoleum flexi-dip? its usually cheaper than plasti-dip. You'll just have to be careful about cleaning the straw and cap when youre done because they tend to clog. I've found that flexi-dip also has less texture then plasti-dip.

Also, conveniently Kamui Cosplay just uploaded a video on different primers that work. spoilers.. mod-podge and pva glue are terrible.
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