HALO REACH - Noble 6 Spartan B312 Full Build W.I.P

Spartan 43

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Week 1

I have played Halo since XBOX Original, great storyline... the narrative is spot on and the Lore is out of this world, Highly recommend listening to Eric Nyland Audio books. Halo Reach and the story of the "Fall of Reach" particularly inspired me... having purchased a 3D printer, I am scratching the itch to build Noble 6 armour, it is a custom build (it is not specific to in game graphics nor detailing) but as Dr Halsey said Jorge "What have you done to my armour"... I am a meticulous detailer, you dont become a marksman in the military just shooting everywhere lol.

The devil is in the detail and my vision of Spartan B312 as he is "Hyper Violent" this build is going to be "Hyper Realistic"

First off, Moe Sizzlac... these are his builds, the details are mine...He made the initial armour and for that brother, eternally grateful just like all the other Spartans out there "Without pioneers and Spartan 1's like you this community would be lesser in heroes for it"...thank you for the assists and communique we have had.

My first print was carter arms (Left and Right)... The bolt detailing represents a precursor to the master chiefs Mjolnir and as such my vision is to detail it as a predated HALO Combat Evolved Armour.

The logos and placement, having an extensive library of Pictures to gather intel from, Instead of painting them on and messing that up, I went down the road of them being embossed as though they were metal stamped at ONI Manufacturing.

I am in the processes of finishing the Right shoulder Bottom... I plane cut the armour to fit the 3D printer, I superglued them, then I will fill the gaps before resin coating and the primer coating for the super smooth finish I am looking for.

The reference picture of carter is the "Out of the factory look I am going for" "Brand Spank New Armour"....

Stay Tuned, Enjoy...S-043 "Out"


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Spartan 43

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Day 5 Week 1

Worked the last 5 hours in 3D Program, I am happy, few more bits to do... the vision I have of a Pre Mjolnir Armour is taking real shape.

The First Picture is Wireframe and the Second is Rendered.

Moe, I hope I have done your Chest Armour Proud Brother! :)


  • Noble 6 Chest WIP 1.JPG
    Noble 6 Chest WIP 1.JPG
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  • Noble 6 Chest WIP 2.JPG
    Noble 6 Chest WIP 2.JPG
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Spartan 43

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Week 1 Day 7

Started working on another set of Up Armour for my B-312 ( whilst I have made the previous two shoulder pieces, its always good to have a 2nd variant set dependant on the Convention your going to)

Multi Threat Up Armour has had the inclusion of the SPARTAN III logo

I have also been working on finalising my vision of Noble 6 (SPARTAN B312) Chest Armour. pictures to follow.

Spartans arent dead, their missing in action... I have been a part of the 405th since 2011, 46, Ex military, 35 Years learning martial arts, Chief Instructor in Traditional, Ex Doorman, Close Protection Officer - Now Im building the Armour I have wore on the inside for a long time.

P.S - Whilst some may argue, one shouldnt have to get fit, lose weight or gain muscle... for the last year I have gained muscle and lost a tonne of weight to get ready for the armour thas waiting for me.

Have a great week SPARTANS!


  • shoulder.JPG
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  • shoulder 2.JPG
    shoulder 2.JPG
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Spartan 43

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So this is the final chest armour...

The Abs section has been amalgamated, the electronic from the game didnt really do Noble 6 nor this build any favours... So I had a play around and this is how it ended up, after I zoomed out and seen the detail... I really Like it.


  • top profile.JPG
    top profile.JPG
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  • right profile.JPG
    right profile.JPG
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  • right front oblique.JPG
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  • rear profile.JPG
    rear profile.JPG
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  • rear left quarter oblique.JPG
    rear left quarter oblique.JPG
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  • left profile.JPG
    left profile.JPG
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  • left oblique.JPG
    left oblique.JPG
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  • left front upclose.JPG
    left front upclose.JPG
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  • chest front 1.JPG
    chest front 1.JPG
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  • abdominals front.JPG
    abdominals front.JPG
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  • abdominals close up.JPG
    abdominals close up.JPG
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Spartan 43

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So this is the final chest armour...

The Abs section has been amalgamated, the electronic from the game didnt really do Noble 6 nor this build any favours... So I had a play around and this is how it ended up, after I zoomed out and seen the detail... I really Like it.

When We discussed on Thingy, you said it needed some TLC.... I hope I did it and you Justice SPARTAN. Oh went to your website today "Nice" great work for the hospitals brother :)

Spartan 43

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Week 2 Day 4

Finished the Chest - So that's gone to final ready to plane cut and print, extremely happy with the final result.

Monday I begun work on the forearms... having added detail to the forearms using countersunk hex bolts, then combining the PDA forearm PC... I added a topographical map and a forerunner base (it is tiny but the detail will be identified when the blue LED will be set in and the map is painted blue to appear as a holographic readout)

enjoy the pictures


  • finished forearm 1.JPG
    finished forearm 1.JPG
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  • Forearm opposite profile.JPG
    Forearm opposite profile.JPG
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  • forerunner base.JPG
    forerunner base.JPG
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  • Forearm profile 1.JPG
    Forearm profile 1.JPG
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  • isometric forearm.JPG
    isometric forearm.JPG
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  • oblique isometric forearm.JPG
    oblique isometric forearm.JPG
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  • topo map.JPG
    topo map.JPG
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Spartan 43

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So Comic con is out of the way and I have returned only seeing one Spartan throughout the entire weekend.... how much does that suck, storm troopers in abundance... spartans pffft

So I am back to the designing and sculpting of parts, yesterday I finished printing the wrist Computer and also Carter 1 Comms Attachment.

A re sculpted Antenna, and made it generally more.....

I have armorsmith and will be entering my measurements tomorrow as well as getting SMOOTH-ON XTC-3D for the outer shell and epoxy resin with a fibreglass matting for strength for the inner shell.


  • carter helmet attachment 1.JPG
    carter helmet attachment 1.JPG
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  • carter helmet attachment 2.JPG
    carter helmet attachment 2.JPG
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  • carter helmet attachment 3.JPG
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