Halo Reach Plasma Rifle High Resolution

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Hi guys,

It has been so long since I posted anything on here ! Life got in they on multiple levels and school got the better part of all the time I had in a week. Fortunately for me school means 3d modeling and animation... Now that I'm finishing and have a lot more of personal time ( and a portfolio to build ) I tought why not join my passion for halo and my job !

So here is what I've done, it took about 8 hours !



I'm looking into maybe 3d printing it... why maybe and not deffinately ? Well I deffinately want to but I do not own a printer and the two of my friends who have one do not have them set up yet ( bought them recently and are not calibrated ). Plus I do not think I modeled the damn thing correctly for easy printing... The gun is buit out of multiple parts with interpenetration and stuff. Kinda like that... :


If any of you have experience in modeling for 3d printing and want to drop 2 or 3 tips it would hep a lot if I want to one day release the model to you guys so you can print it yourselves...

Have a good one :)



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Surely you'd be able to use a Boolean operation to tidy up those intersecting faces without much issue? I don't have an awful lot of experience in working with high-definition, production-grade models, but I've done a few things here and there with Booleans, which sound like the tool you'd need to use to clear up your intersecting faces.

It may be worth looking at the Laser Tag Plasma Rifle props out there to see how they're constructed, so you can get an idea of how to prepare the model for 3D printing.


If you are okay with me looking at the model i can see if i can cut parts to nest together and see if we can get it 3d printable