Halo Reach Shotgun (3d print)

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Hatake Cosplay

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Well my Creality CR-6 SE arrived over the weekend and I thought what better way to test a new printer than with a Halo prop. Its been a couple months since i finished my MK6 armor and I could use a main weapon to go along side the Halo 5 magnum.
These are just 4 of13 pieces that when combined will make the Halo Reach Shotgun.

Since there are 13 pieces I have split them up between 2 printers. The white parts are printed in Creality White PLA on the CR 6 SE printer at 80mm/s and .28 Layer hight. The black piecea are printed on my trusty Ender 3 Pro in Hatchbox Black PLA at 60mm/s and .28 layer height.

11 more pieces to go, but with two printers working on it, I am anticipating a pretty quick build. Ill upload more photos as the project progresses.
misterchiefcosplay files off thingy? That's looking really good so far. Watch the flashlight attachment and the piece you just printed. Since some of the attachment points are rather small they can be fragile
Woops. Thought I posted the source. Im using the files from MasterChief Costuming downloaded from Thingiverse.

Thanks for the advice on the prints. Ill keep a close eye on those. So far this beast is looking good. I printed two more pieces overnight, but don't have photos yet.
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