Soft Parts Halo Reach Undersuit Pants?


So I have decided to make the undersuit before making the armor, it is probably easier to make and I need it since I am super skinny and plan on using some padding. I have three parts I am dealing with 2/3 have been mostly figured out... Gloves, Shirt and Pants. the plan is to add pieces onto the shirt/pants to give it the in-game details.

Gloves: These look pretty good: : Seibertron Men's S.O.L.A.G. Special Ops Full Finger Tactical Gloves : Sports & Outdoors
Shirt: Boring black long sleeve t-shirt is planned
Pants: ???

What have others used for pants? I though about some black khakis, but they obviously have pockets and flys (could be covered by crotch plate) I only ask that none be anything that is like spandex, I am really skinny and also don't really want to use spandex. Reach suits seem more loose fitting anyways.


long johns and spandex are the usual but you could try track pants or sweat pants (might be too hot). Jeans should work if they aren't too stiff, if you want some cool detail, certain moto jeans have knee details.