halo sculptures PICS ON FIRST PAGE!

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ok guys i hate posting a new thread without pics of somesort but. srry. anyways i had a question. im going to make bout...well dependant on the character but based off of roughly barbie scall sculptures of different characters from the halovers. (srry if this is in the wrong forum) and i kinda wanted to get suggestions (as well as ref pics if anyone wants :mrgreen: ) i was thinkin bout a grunt (cuz i love em) but i really want to hear from you guys. thanks for ur time and input.



and in case any one wanted to see the progress pics. this was done in..mabe 2 days. bout 8 hours









yuhps thas all. im startig on an un halo sculpt and then startin back into the halo line :mrgreen: thanx fer lookin
I'm making a 1/6th figure like callous here. I can't tell you what I'm making but you should find some very good info in that thread.
thanx yea i followed that thread. he's incredibly talented. yea ive sculpted b4 just tryin to figure wat to do first.
hehe actually i took an entire diffent approach to this fig as i normally do. i usuallz use Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey firm for figs but for this lil grunt i just used pre colored sculpey 2. i did mix the colors to get the color i needed but still this is my my first "pre-colored" fi :D
Ironcobra3000 said:
I can't wait to see more :D

Me too! I wanna see the Chief! :mrgreen:

Can you send me the pic you used for the grunt? Or pics for that matter? I'd like to try my own version if that's alright. What clay were you using as well?

Here's my email : sithbanshee2020@yahoo.com
Sorry for all the questions

Thanks man! ;-)
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hah thanx fer the kind words. ya i might tr4y an elite. rite now thou im workin on a WH40k Space marine sculpt (almost done) ill put up a new thread for it in GD.
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