Halo Spartan Cosplay Tech Suit

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I have been searching everywhere for info on how to make a realistic Spartan Tech Suit or Tech Suit in general and I cant find ANYTHING.
I don't see it discussed much or I'm looking in the wrong direction.
Do people just buy motorcycle suits? I'm currently working on a 3D printed Halo 5 Recon Armor set and I want to make it as realistic as possible, but cant find any info or forums about how people make their tech suits???

Also If anyone could point me to a Facebook group or Discord with like minded halo cosplayers that would be greatly appreciated!


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It will depend on which generation of armor you are making, and from what game, but some of the options include:

-Several "Cosplay Zentai" websites now sell dye sublimated suits that resemble the Halo 4/5 undersuit. These range in price from around $100 to a few hundred depending on the site's quality.
-You can buy a plain black/dark gray "Zentai or "Morphsuit" or Underarmor style gear and airbrush or even hand paint the undersuit pattern on it, attach foam pieces to it, or sculpt, cast, and attach latex detail pieces to it.
-Jo Anne Fabric sells a hex pattern semi stretch pattern under their "Cosplay" line that you could sew into an undersuit.

Here some good examples of Reach Style Undersuits:

Halo 4/5 Style Under suit:
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