Halo Steam Badges


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With MCC on steam comes new badge and profile goodies!

Not forgetting the other 2 titles and their awards.
I thought we could have a place to list what we have or what we are looking for to help each other complete our collections and/or trade for backgrounds and emoticons if there is a certain one we're after. I'm sure a lot of us would like to Halo up our profiles :)

List below the following:

Halo : Which Halo game(s) are you collecting for ?
Collection Completion: All 3 games have 6 cards to collect.
Badge Level:
Looking for :
Available for Trade:

Anything else you wish to add.

Current Badge Status [Edited; 12/5]
Halo: Master Chief Collection
Collection Completion: Completed!
Available for Trade:

2 x Halo 4 (MCC)
1 x Halo Reach (MCC)
1 x Halo CE (MCC)
2 x Halo 2 Background (MCC)
1 X Halo Reach Background (MCC)
3 X MCCHelmet Emoticon (MCC)
1 x Brute Chieftain (Wars)
1 x Brute Chieftain background (Wars)
If you want anything let me know, will gladly send them your way.

Edit: Decided to change it for all Halo games on Steam.
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