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Hello friends, I'm a digital filmmaking major in my junior year of college and this semester I need to create one big short film for my Film Production class, the last film class in my major. Last time I used my ODST armor in a film and my professor complimented me on my production value - this time I am going to absolutely blow that out of the water. I have total creative freedom, professional equipment, a lot of space, several military vehicles, and I hope I can get many more Halo costumes and the cosplayers to wear them too. That is why I am extending the invitation to anyone to join my production and help make the best student film of all time!

The ranch we will be filming on is located south of Franktown, Colorado and the shoot will be one 12 hour long session. My professor will let us choose the shoot date, but because the equipment we are borrowing from the university is only enough for one shoot at a time, the day can't overlap with another student. I want to know everyone who's interested, the costumes they have or what they want to do if they don't currently have a finished costume and all the dates they would be able to make so I can email my professor the best possible shoot time for everyone. The selectable dates are:
March 10-12
March 17-19
March 24-28 (first half of Spring Break)
March 29-April 2 (second half of Spring Break)
April 7-9
April 14-16
April 21-23
April 28-30
May 5-7
The military vehicles I have access to for these purposes are a CCKW, a Jeep and a Halftrack, all from WW2.

If you're interested in coming down to help us shoot, reply with all the dates you are available and what costumes (with pictures) or skills you can bring!

Sean Anwalt

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Before I was inundated with work I had a script posted around here somewhere, if that helps.


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