Halo War First Spartans

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i think that they might be the moive version also...thats what i think
i thought about making the helmet but once again i have to many projects to start another one


looks like armor from halo 1... but done RIGHT

I think its the armor before halo 1 the Mk IV. It's layered like crazy, which would make up for the Mk IV's lack of regenerative shielding.
it's a ton bulkier, and I love the marines from this. They look a lot more high tech than the marines in halo 1 or halo 2. Are they a version of ODSTs? they must be the spec ops guys talked about before mjolnir showed up.
Yeah, the marines in this game looks better, i think i have to wait until i get Halo Wars, then i will have better images from the marine armor
Sorry to bring this old thread back up. But are there more pictures of this Spartan armor? I really like this bulky design. Reminds me a bit of a concept drawing in the 'Art of Halo' book and I really would like to do this one after my custom armor is done.
I had thought about making this armor this summer but I am not sure now because i got a hold of a bunch of referance pics of the armor at different angles and it looks pretty boring. It doesn't look like these pics here, so if i where to make it i would have to do alot of guessing work to make it look like this ^ because the model that doom got me was a lot more simple than the armor looks in the video clip.
@Adam: Thanks for the pic.

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Well, I guess I'm good at guessing and adding a lot of details would not be that hard. I'll give it a try in the next weeks. I simply have to remember this bulky design, while concepting the rest of the armor.

@Eternal: Can you pls send me the references, just to get a start. Would be really nice.
Thx a lot. Something to start with. I'll do some sketches tomorrow during work (shift...not much to do. Just checking the systems and waiting for the light to change...)
Where the heck does doom get this? Does anyone else have the model of the Halo wars spartans? WTH?
I dont know but the pics are great for referance but dont seem to have nearly as good of detail as the vid clips armor, even the halo 2 armor in game has better detail. the helmet is such a strang shape in these pictures.
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