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hey guys whats up

anyway i going to make a halo wars marine costume but i dont know how the leg protectors or chest plate look like. Does anyone know?
You just need to get some higher res shots of the trailer.

For this shot and when the elite tosses his body aside.
aah got to see som high res pics they dont really have much chest armor in fact nothing but a belt or some kind

gona be alot of working, think i meybe useing mental
anyway got 2 month of doing abolutely nothing
I'm currently working on some 3DS modles of halo 2 marine armour that can be imported into pepakura. I'll post it here when I'm done
hey spartan 106, i'm also goin to be making a halo wars marine, mine will probably be vacuum molded though, maybe we can trade tips n ideas with each other to help ourselves along and actually get completed suits built. For the "armor" that you were talking of there ar some good shots in the trailer, you just need to pause it at the right time and snap a picture. For myself i am going to be starting with the helmet. I was thinking of using a bmx or baseball helmet to have as a base since they have a similar construction. I am debating if i should put electronics inthe helmet or not i.e. lights, headset, etc. let me know what u think. ill take some pics for you and post em here for u
God, I can't wait for this game to come out. I remember reading somewhere that it's set for November. Anyone got anything on this?
Ryan Ultima said:
those are sweet screenshots.


I can't wait for the game either, i think i'll buy it and just go play at my friends house since i dont have an xbox anymore.
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