Halo wars Mk IV armor

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  1. MY files Mjolnir MK. IV - Download - 4shared - lieutenant Jaku
    armor picture
    status report
    Part progress stage

    helmet 1 (Mk IV) - 0%

    helmet 2 (Mk V) - 50% fiber-glassing
    jX-MxpoO09LCYl1Qyk8RC5apQA70fi0KgjnD3uOxod8H32M3raKd9p5w40VjN0bI_OiIoo8k9QDazxPHjlvpxRiioWTrEnPo.jpg 83DHnUCpf4xbKKV6Q9j5ngB276BKqmZWO-1dVTQY3YkiFvBlc2lwPvxHza_z44wvHTy_YRDytySgfrFlQlQLcCoLbB6-szss.jpg y8vw0zFadWpOZrpXtazWtjzYBeDntHgRkmxQdfMzpOLH13zPqOCSdhX-WJqHGiY1sjTLGbwKEj7QTGrrI98PNZ3puDMlcjig.jpg lmVcrQas783ewytC-gfIgV-oSz1OvtgcwyKb62_FlSkK9e4cjay8pKFaX3vcwe_HsLW1wVS2K8RyS0_EcxDRu3MoAyViULIs.jpg T_s1nmPbtsN3EWoGgvVp-lpGnvGgVhzkWZ5QGiR0_cBA9jqbLU9L4G-VgW20dOWUw_jOdxoJhaHbMnu8O_QnbFm0N9R3SGgo.jpg
    chest- 30 % gluing
    1wMMho4wxy__71DYzBuFjHGFtTAb8AcJGMVCTbAsD3SfjZNp1KE9q4Wk1RpZxg4tAmAXGeAsPWEpFoQn3dNaS4Ia7HYH_ZHI.jpg 886gTxPSud5qh-pziuV9mqZYQXiJael14paFHmHXuakh2uoa2q6-F_TCuNcjCJMOWMIj5uecjlhRByQKX6XCfXhXcPuh2Mfc.jpg f-JJckI7fGRlXo_yIwTIQhoq9uBHJh7r9A4bHK3VQpuKZrA8ETRo7p3JBP81PfCyQPvfqNv9kZvICckvzIs-kkTqPcX4nPFo.jpg W7m4_oFzph4Fpwq3blRyMWq4CEKm2srbcMLuQmu8ERFg4DuUOgCvD78dxPojPgs1qfV5IUUWDdqkeTkwReIFgniIlRf5j66U.jpg
    optional halo reach collar- 40% fiber-glassing
    3CbxQeirv1GMC2klj8iD5yzjGKJjYaeo8SX0nDDaE0JsWHtM04GiMj8zoX1-b4EZDB7MqXsMuLi0WfvfC62LaUsLq5hY8sIc.jpg sjX0fWMBnjW32Fz34G1rxZX-e1e345hGbHHPQ_smYJ0VTpsfqCPYAi1vY2msyodN_rHOJrwDSu0hs8atkH6STzQMScLs0Epo.jpg
    shoulders- 0%

    biceps- 0%

    forearm- 0%

    hand plates- 0%

    groin- 0%

    thighs- 0%

    shins+knees- 0%

    boots- 0%

    under suit- 20%
    aIbb3CI3sZhQPz3POxxNuTnCV84wd_KzuZ28yiIbIY1C_vExEDiwMV-p71DVwaBsgUwvZ1CdwKi8A_kiwWx6eSUCmm2vC48s.jpg QNuK6Z5oMjOEdv16PgGBk3OjXucoEGm8AIlu-vw03lYc3M4VMkmwZtjjbbvTA4wUsSIUnhlwzeuuSRP8URsAcvsmL-S-ezJc.jpg i-aXVvVQvg_vhIIRkHI7RiQaPF-qXBloWiuEcYN6lgl60mewkUf56shvTB7Rfp_vsvVGKeffuyaQuBG0hVMeV8PJgtxTlhxg.jpg
    gravity hammer- 0%

    griffball bomb- 0%

    missile pod- 0%

    battle rifle- 0%
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  2. comics1996

    comics1996 New Member

    Wow it almost seemed like you used metal to make your suit.
  3. It's probably just the effect of little light a bad camera and shine of resin. but thanks
  4. here's an update I started working on the under-suit so far this is what I have.
    QNuK6Z5oMjOEdv16PgGBk3OjXucoEGm8AIlu-vw03lYc3M4VMkmwZtjjbbvTA4wUsSIUnhlwzeuuSRP8URsAcvsmL-S-ezJc.jpg aIbb3CI3sZhQPz3POxxNuTnCV84wd_KzuZ28yiIbIY1C_vExEDiwMV-p71DVwaBsgUwvZ1CdwKi8A_kiwWx6eSUCmm2vC48s.jpg

    I also did some bondo work but do not currently have pictures
    I will update the top status as I go
  5. thatdamnjodie

    thatdamnjodie New Member

    Looking great!
  6. update on neck seal
    hers a Mk V helmet w/ neck seal test


    sorry for the bad quality
  7. Dirtdives


    ya think?........;)
  8. Jun

    Jun New Member

    Hi, I'm new and trying to start building Master Chief's armor. Do you have any suggestions on were to start? Any help will be great.
  9. Dirtdives


    Jun, welcome to the 405th. To be honest, posting asking for help on someones build thread is a bit rude......Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people here that will give you plenty of help but I would suggest creating a thread of your own and you will get a better response overall. If you have a question about the build in the thread itself if you are going to build the same armor.....ask away.
  10. Jun

    Jun New Member

    Dirtdives, I am truely sorry I didnt mean to be rude but I saw how good his is armor is. Im curious if Leiutenant Jaku used forme for the helmet or pepakura. Next time ill build my own thread. thx.
  11. Dirtdives


    Looks like he peped it. I know.....its hard to tell by the pics.....another shout out for poor quality pics!!!! Yay!!
  12. I did use pep which I would recommend but the hardening method depends fiberglassing can be messy and difficult I am using rondo for the triangle things because in that part fiberglass wouldn't work, so it depends (especially on budget).
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  13. Sorry For Inactivity I have had very little time to do the long process of armor building recently, but I should be starting up again
  14. Thinking of different helmet, Recommendations ???
  15. CrimsonViper97


    Gotta love the classic mk IV. You're definately doing it justice!
  16. CrimsonViper97


    An EOD helmet might look cool.
  17. Thank you for the recommendation and the praise, unfortunately I have not got much time to work on it. hopefully in june I will have mor frequent (and actual) updates to show.
  18. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Pepped stuff looks good. Your undersuit is looking interesting. What are you using for materials to build it?
  19. cloth and foam, although I think I am going to redo it.
  20. more stuff finally after a busy end of school leading strait into vacation I have not had much time hopefully now I will. symyEMWGIwwqmPQtCtUq4k3y6yA2yyMPOECMtCHomnLgJXqhNTGIuJcBoRd2Y_K6qX6AMlwxb_gshbbA4zAi3-VrSEC5y0HM.jpg BRkF342hoiquh0b-KY59dHNCTZrdSLyhJDOprsz2AIufDFQ87HEZqSwLL7NjZpK-bUPikS-7fIiXnyEAXJlMD54rTrPisPR0.jpg some resin on the chest plate ebUsGpWqRGP1tP1JZW5srxUKMbfuF3mexPwdmoX6xEQJgtcYYkqhQ7HEQxL32Bw5j-lPATPrc5DnH0Pj6J1pmlKtGgae-g-c.jpg some sanding 7cm87wH1iKf0pl6GCmVyzAA6-EKMriVofV36q8TVVrI_7WhMBUJKgQVWhsxuXdcdCrBbjgURnHbUuccJVDyVQjhDKN6VfKgk.jpg 2nd coat of bondo on this piece.
    thats all for now
  21. my grammar sucks

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