Halo with Wiimote

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Either, way I'd love to try it..even just once.

I probably would prefer the original xbox conroller or 360 controller to a wii remote though..personally ;-)
I agree...but the Wii is very fun to play...my neighbor has one and whenever I go over (His Dad's steak pwns) I play his.

But I'll stick to my 360 guns. Speaking of it, just sent it in to get it repaired from teh Red Ring of Doom :evil:
It wouldn't be out of control either 'cause if you actually watched the video, you had to hold the A button down on the remote to look around. I just don't see why no one has ever thought of that before this.
Hold the A button to look makes everyting SO much more in control. With normal Wii FPS's, you could sneese and everything would go outta wack, you know?

I even love the sensitivity-decrease button. That's always one of the problems with Wii FPS's. It's hard to aim without going off target 'cause the sensitivity's all jacked up.

The only thing wrong with it is that he should have mapped the beat down to a fast forward motion with the remote. So it would really feal like you're smashing someone's skull in. :dee:

I like it.

Alot! :mrgreen:
I think this shows how well the Wii remote could work if third-party publishers put a little more effort into the controls (first party titles work just fine). Some of the publishers have admitted that they didn't take their Wii titles as seriously as they should have since they didn't expect it to perform as well as it has been.

Of course, shooter games should get a lot easier and more interesting once the zapper hits the market.
If the Wii used a trinary or quatranary detection system instead of a binary, then FPSes might work on it.
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