Halo World Championship 2022 - (Seattle, WA)

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We finally have information about this event that is less than two weeks away!!!

1. All attendees must purchase tickets LINK (write down your ticket number)
2. After purchasing tickets you can sign up for the cosplay contest through 343i LINK
3. 32 entries will be selected to compete, no out of country entries allowed, must be 18+
4. Please read contest Rules [LINK]
5. The 32 entries will have their tickets refunded (most likely only the Regular 3day amount)
6. All 405th Members + handlers attending: in addition, please sign up on this sheet regardless of joining the costume contest or not [LINK]
7. It is possible that those on this second sheet will also have their tickets refunded but there is no guarantee at this time.

Note: The contest form says tickets are not required, but completing the form does not grant you any email responses so to make getting into the event easier we recommend getting tickets prior and requesting the refund on the contest form.

There are no specific duties or requirements for the 405th while at this event. Only that anyone signing up for the costume contest follow the rules and instructions for attending the contest on Saturday.

Costumes are heavily encouraged at the event, regardless of contest entry. They would like to encourage costume members to attend on Saturday around the contest time foremost, then Sunday and lastly Friday as a bonus. There will be photo ops around the event that we are welcome to hang around, but not required to run.

There will be costume changing and repair stations within the event, that will be shared in part with the public so please bring appropriate bags and containers so your items are not loosely about. We will be security checked upon entry. Please be patient with these checks and with any staff direction as many of these people have not run events like these before and are learning as they go.

We’ve shown 343i how much fun and respectful we can be when involved in past events like Halo Outpost Discovery or the Paramount+ premiers, but a lot of the people running this event are new to working with us and it would go a long way if we all put our best boot forward. Please represent the 405th with pride and propriety.

POC at the event will be me PerniciousDuke, your Pacific RCO. Best to message me on the forums.

Secondary POC will be our WABAT XO, ArcSol who will be best to message on Discord.

Please only ask 343i or other event staff questions in an emergency situation or as a last resort. We do not want to confuse the event staff or add to their stress by answering the same questions from all different directions. Ask ArcSol and myself first, we will be on site all three days.

Tickets- Halo World Championship

Entry - HaloWC 2022 Cosplay Contest Entry Form

Rules - https://wpassets.halowaypoint.com/w...2022-Cosplay-Contest-Official-Rules-CLEAN.pdf

405th Sign Up - Halo World Championship (HWC) 2022 - 405th Sign Up Sheet
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I'll shoot for attending Saturday, it says we can grab tickets when we walk in for day passes. I didn't see any day passes shown online, just for all 3 days. I also know spartanofivetwo from insta will try to be attending the event and is on crunch time for his new suit.
I've also been told they will sell day passes at the door Thom A293

When you fill out our sign up form (#6 above) please put "one day" in the ticket # spot and be sure to take a picture of your ticket so you can fill it in later.
I'll also attempt to show up for Saturday, need to put on a good showing.
I feel that. With the lack of notice from 343i about our involvement to this event will have severe effects on who all is willing to make the trip. Meaning WABAT is going to have to step up.
I feel that. With the lack of notice from 343i about our involvement to this event will have severe effects on who all is willing to make the trip. Meaning WABAT is going to have to step up.
To those outside of the WABAT, I've got some floor space and a puppy who loves to cuddle. So if you're looking to save on hotels, I can probably help.
Tuesday will be the last day to sign up on this sheet!

This looks super fun but there is no way I can do it. I was checking out the website and whatnot and just for my own understanding: for cosplay contests in general, how rigorous is the "must be your own work" requirement? Like if you have a commissioned suit would that be allowed? What about the Sean Bradley kits where you do all the painting and strapping and undersuit and whatnot but technically didn't fabricate the armor?

Edit: just realized that this is going on today... So yeah have fun everyone who made it! Good luck if you entered the cosplay contest!
Just wanted to say I'm so incredibly proud of all you all beautiful people!
I think I can say for all of us at home - we are so happy for you and at least a little bit jealous wishing we were there with you. Hopefully we may meet one day.
You were so amazing! All of you. Proudly representing 405th.
It was a joy to watch you all on the livestream.
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