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HaloChief89's Halo Art Thread

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by Halochief89, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Haven't been on here in years so I guess I should "update" on what I've been drawing since 2010.

    Breach and Clear
    Drew this for a friend who took me up on my Xbox Live Art Challenge and he beat me and so he won an art piece and he wanted a drawing of his Spartan and my Spartan teaming up.

    CIO Redesign
    SOLDIER Redesign
    Helmet Redesigns on some of Halo 4 armor permutations. I had planned for this to span all the armors but realized people kinda share the same mentality for the armors.

    Sangheili Officer-Arbiter Allied Halo 4
    Wanted to design what an elite that was apart of Thel Vadam's forces and not Jul Mdama's where the armor design is more... Original Halo designed armor. I was a bit perturbed by the Mdama Elites' armor all of it wasn't.... Halo.

    Unggoy and Kig-Yar-Arbiter Allied Halo 4

    Same as the Sangheili officer I decided to take up a small design challenge of what Arbiter forces armor would appear as in Halo 4. More related to a Reach aesthetic but to me Reach had the Halo world nailed down.

    Halo 4 Sangheili Head
    Self explanatory, Just wanted to get the Halo 4 sangheili head structure down right for future drawings (Sangheili officer drawing.)

    Hold Them Off!

    This was a commission some one had me do of their Spartan and Elite(female) characters defending a Halo control room against Mdama's forces.

    Sol Varaanur
    Another Commission, the person wanted their sangheili character, who just so happened to be a Ranger and loved using a Human's primitive shotgun.

    A Lonely Arrival
    Commission once again, this time the person wanted their Sangheili OC (spec ops in the style of the HeadHunters versions.) Landing in New Mombasa before the brute purged the elites in the city along with his huragok(engineer) with him.

    A Quiver to Arrows: Whatever you say Wasp

    This one is based off my Halo Fan Fiction about a Fire Team of Spartans IIIs similar to NOBLE Team. This is a scene where they are suiting up in their new armor, gathering gear the team members finished go and sit down on a bench. The Spartan on the right is Spartan named Grant and the one on the left is Melissa (Code names Tall and Wasp) Tall making a joke and Wasp rolling her eyes.

    FireTeam Quiver Data File: SPARTAN C009 Wasp

    Started on Quiver Team Data Files starting with SPARTAN Wasp, this is based on after the Human-Covenant War and most of Quiver Team joins the IV Program to help train recruits. Didn't like how the Mark V armor looks in Halo 4 so I collaborated designs from other artists to make my own Mark V GEN2 design.

    Spartan vs Crawler
    A Line art piece of a SPARTAN in GEN2 armor fighting a Promethean crawler, the crawler's left arm is gone because the spartan blew it off with his assault rifle. This was pretty much just a test to see if I can draw Promethean crawlers because their anatomy is kinda bizarre to me in some respects.

    Promethean Cavities
    A quick drawing that someone on the Halo Waypoint forums asked me if I could draw.

    DogTag Origins Page 1

    DogTag Origins Page 2
    DogTag Origins Page 3
    DogTag Origins Page 4
    DogTag Origins Page 5
    The 5 finished pages of a 7 paged short comic that is kinda an origin story to Wasp. After this comic is finished I'll be starting on other Spartans of FireTeam Quiver's Data Files and origins comics and then onto further projects!
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  2. foxleader


    okay dog tag needs to made into a live action short. any takers?
  3. Zaff


    Nice work. "Hold Them Off" has me wondering just what are the other Sangheili (and other species) who aren't part of this "Storm Covenant" up to in this time frame? Might we see a return of the UNSC-friendly Elites, or are they determined to stay out of it now that the truth behind the lies of the Prophets has come to light?

    I'm digging the CIO redesign, but not so much with the Soldier. The larger visor and smoothed features really diminishes the more menacing appearance of the original.

    Definitely going to be watching your DA gallery. Can't wait to see the conclusion of "Dog Tags" and the future series.
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  4. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    6th Page is finished

    Haha that would be a dream come true and I'd probably pass out if someone did animate it.
  5. foxleader


    that last panel is just wow okay just drink you're joe, joe.

    plus I think she's a Spartan three am I right or wrong?
  6. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Yes she is a Spartan III after the Human-Covenant War she and the rest of her team are offered to join the IV program in helping to train new recruits so most of them do.
  7. foxleader


    could you make a large version of that last panel I want to put it on my wall saying I hate Monday.
  8. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

  9. foxleader


    thanks this is going to make my room a true ODST room.
  10. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

  11. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Got a drawing done for someone who wanted a piece of their Fire Team.

    Fire Team Talon
  12. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

  13. WandererTJ


    While I am sure that there is a number of people on DeviantArt that take requests, I was hoping that we might have some individuals here on the 405th that would be willing to take requests.
    Do you take requests or would you know of someone here who does?

    I figured that this might be a fair question to ask you without it derailing the thread.
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  14. Trooper0621


    Very nice! Love your style, and I would also love to see someone tackle making a short film out of Dog Tags at some point. =)
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  15. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    I haven't been on this site in a while now. I used to work on the banners of the front page when there was a front page back in 2009-2010. So I don't really know anyone on here anymore save for Spartan Longshot X and Hale. But I can take requests just depends on the complexity of it since I have commissions and other projects I'm working on (such as C195's Comic just like DogTag Origins.)

    God even a animated DogTag Origins would be brain exploding for me. Just gotta make the armor for Wasp's face model and pull some tricks with the camera like they do with Arnold or Tom Cruise to make her look like she is 6' 8" haha. Then throw in the ODSTs which there are many perfect cosplayers for that and get some weapons made and just green screen it all and bing bada boom!

    But I jest. Just getting compliments for the comic is a dream come true.

    On a side note I guess I should put up some sketches I've done too.

    Mark VI GEN2
    Quick doodle of redesigning the VI GEN2 from Halo 4 since it has so many unnecessary details.

    EOD GEN2
    A request from Reddit. Combined a Joweless EOD helmet from Halo Reach with the EOD armor of Halo 4.
  16. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

  17. Zaff


    Nice. The Scanner is one of my favorite helmets. Heh, even if a tactical optics device some 500+ years into the future should look more compact than strapping a VCR to one's face.
  18. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

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  19. Ashuraa

    Ashuraa Judicial Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Beautiful work
  20. foxleader


    you know this is pretty close to a sence in kilo five where the Spartan asks if this armor makes my ass look big.
  21. Jason 078

    Jason 078

    I love the Wasp backstory comic. Even without words, it is pretty intense.
  22. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Thanks, I thinking about expanding it more thanks to the release of the New Blood Short Novel. Something about those ODSTs arriving to become IVs sparks an interesting story development for Wasp.

    Also I've been in a mood of just doing Sketch dumps (I did 2 for Dragon Age recently.) So I just started on a Halo one based on Quiver of course. So just sketchy lineart
  23. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Here is the final piece of the sketch page :D

  24. electricocomics

    electricocomics New Member

    ''Split jaw has split spine'' That's a good one :), I usually call elites squid lips so I wouldn't have thought about it.
  25. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Yeah its kinda going off of the line "Bip Bap Bam in the Brain pan!" from Dutch. So many slangs for Sangheili I needed one that would make sense in the moment.

    Also just finished a fun quick comic thats based off a scene from Book 1 of Legend of Korra since the moment matches the rivalry between the 2 characters perfectly.

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