HaloTattoo WIP

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Outline is done. I posted links in another thread but figured the universe is where they belong.

I thought this one through for many years and i never waivered once in wanting it. I am 25 years old and feel this will be a prize piece when i'm 75, all be it a bit wrinkly.
So please anyone with anti tattoo or "regret when your older" comments need not apply.

I was booked for the shading on the 17th but now I have been last minute deployed. So not sure when I will get it done :( Also missing the launch of Reach....




Soon I hope to be able to post in the Armor section :)

Looks awesome! That's definitely an iconic Chief pose, and a great place to put it too! Is it gonna be full color?
No. I spoke with my artist about that. and we agreed that letting him free hand it in shades would look better

I'm letting him go as he feels. But it will be all black and shades with full background. an explosion and he wants to incorporate some other stuff in the back ground.

Some day I'd like to do my other sleep with either Cortona or the Arbiter
Nice ink work. You have an excellent artist also...nice detail like that comes from a steady hand :) Look forward to seeing it shaded and whatever background your going to do.
Now that's dedication to the cause! You have a great artist working on your there. Clean, crisp lines that pop out - very nice!
Any chance of switching that to an MA5B, instead of the Battle Rifle? Frankly, I'm just amazed that you and your artist are even going so far as to add spent casings to the rest of the graphic. Is that just a Sharpie drawing for now?
Lol forgot this thread sorry I let it die off.

Not not magic marker. That would be why it's read.

Tattoo is done now. All but touch ups, once those are done I will post new pictures
The outlining looks really sweet cannot wait to see when it is all done. I too have a gaming tat but unfortunately it isn't halo.
just some little notes, i like the way that the cases got up your arm, and that they are in groups of 3 (nice) and the detail on that is really quite good. this is going to turn out well.
I am starting on my HALO inspired tattoo on Friday if I think the artist is capable. I don't want to insult him since this is my first work done....but its my body...I can't just erase the work.

I will have to get it done in steps I think. Either way I can tell you for a fact with all my googling of halo tattoos it will be far the most epic done. Easily. I will have to have a friend take a pic with his phone on next tuesday or something. (sorry to the thread op, but i think you will understand what i mean and how yours is great, but my differs)

I am blending different movies/story elements into it. So it will be "halo" but blended for realism.

I am 25yrs old also and have thought long and hard about what I want. I want work on my hands but that is so Taboo that most artists wont do it till you have other work and say it changes your image to other people. I call ******** because if you see a super ******* hot chick with a tasteful word tattood on her hand and nothing else...i could care less. And I think CEO executives wouldn't care either ;)
here she is

It is in the peeling phase write now. THis is just the beginning. This is the focal point of the rest of the tattoo which will be done later by the lead artist. The inspiration of this was the "badge" or ensignia...so yeah he started with that and sketched out this, which is what i was going for.

It looks bad in the pic and off center but in person looks MUCH better.

Wow, I'm rather floored by the amount of detail in the tattoos I'm seeing here. I'm too chicken to get one done on myself, but oh well, that's what the costume is for.
i was just thinkn about this the other day because i plan on taking a new picture of it this weekend perhaps to submit to geeksrsexy or something because they want geek tattoos. It is still at this stage..but healed now so it looks great. Love it alot and questioning adding what i planned(almost half sleeve etc).
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