Haloween or Halloween if you're lame

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Sarge Christi

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Alright guys, we all know Halloween or Haloween, is coming up.
What are your plans for Haloween?

Are you going as an elite, marine, spartan or ODST?
Or, are you going as something else? (No shame in that.)

How do you plan to decorate your house?

Well, since I live in an apartment, I can't really decorate my home, but in the states we put those fake spider webs up and had pumpkins all over the place, it was awesome.
While I'm technically too old to trick or treat (creepy when someone nearly 18 says "Trick or treat"), I'll be giving out candy and terrorizing the section of Singapore that does do Halloween.

And well, my plans and my costume are undecided yet. *shrugs* I wanted to be the elite, but i don't have the time and I just want to take my time on it so it looks good. Since it will be the best on the site. Trust me.. ;) Good things will come, muahahahah!!!
My plans are to Trick or Treat
My costume is a Master Chief helmet with a Southpole Hoody and jeans.
Not sure of the parties

My house decoration: 2 pluggable pumpkins with a little light in them woooooo SCARY!!! lol :p :p :p
and my old man is giving out candy and creeping kids out with his gray hairs ooooooo BOO!
Plans: Parties, Patrol the streets on Halloween with friends
Costume: ODST (Halo 3)

As for the house, I don't really know yet. All of my energy is towards finishing my armor.
Dedrick said:
My house decoration: 2 pluggable pumpkins with a little light in them woooooo SCARY!!! lol :p :p :p
and my old man is giving out candy and creeping kids out with his gray hairs ooooooo BOO!

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Well, my plan was ToT with a spartan outfit, BUT, my plans, like last time... failed.

So... I don't know EXACTLY what I'm going to do, but I will be doing something.
I'm surprised, we have a lot of trick or treaters here. Haha.
That's all good.

I think I might have a party to hit up later in the halloween night.
@ Helljumper!!! HAH, love your avatar... worst. game. ever.

anyways, on topic...

Since I was too lazy to get all my armor done, I'm going to go as Cabose, with my "I like me" RvB shirt, and blue helmet. I'm just going to stick around and hand out candy...
the weekend before:
Voodoo Music Fest - Friday Saturday and Sunday (Rage Against the Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, Coheed and Cambria, etc.)
Costume Party at The Dungeon Bar on Friday night
MoM's costume Ball on Saturday Night
whatever costume contest is on sunday night
whatever costume contests are on monday and tuesday
Costume contests in the French Quarter and on Frenchman St. on Halloween night

most of it will be in Master Chief mode, and i might have a chick friend dress up as cortana
Well, I lied earlier, I remembered that I decided I actually WASN'T going to go ToT but rather walk around town with it on like in the Target and the Gamestop down the street :)
My Plans:

1) Take my son to all the familys houses for Trick Or Treating then take him back to his mother for the night.

2) Go home and drink until I cant feel feelings

3) Touch my GF's naughty parts*

*That last part is speculative depending on my GF's mood and current like - dislike of me at the time
I'm going as the Spartan of ESU (my college) My armor's all re-painted gold, making the suit our school colors: Black and Gold. Then I have our school logo painted on the shoulder pieces and back. I'll add pictures, as I promised Optimussaint (spelling?) But yeah, go the whole day in that... even to classes! Then have fun giving out candy in the dorms to trick-or-treaters.
Plans: Trick or treat/pary
People: Friends from my old school
Cotume: Rush Job ODST (I am not going to very proud ot that costume...)
House: None (I'm in a rental house at the moment.)
Ha! we will see, shall we?

So far, we have:
Me (papamurf812)
Sarge Christi

all making Elites. This should be interesting.

May the best Elite win!

I'm gonna try to have my Elite done by Halo-ween.
I'm not rushing mine, plus, I'm not using pepakura.
I'm going to make a realistic body. ;)
So, don't worry,my elitewill win. MUAHAHAHA.
[/world domination]

I have an armada of peeps with me for my Halloween.
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