Halp me choose a color!

What color?

  • MC Green

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  • Gunmetal

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Ive got it down to two. It was going to be three, but black probably wouldnt be able to show the details as much me thinks.

So, choices are:

MC Green - Instantly recognizeable by just about anyone


Gunmetal/ Dark Grey - probably not an instant "Oh cracp its MC!" to most but a little more personalized/ original

I cant reallydecide.

I think im going to paint the helmet gunmetal first just to see how it looks.

Whats everyone else think?

Oh, and no. No brown ;)
And by MC green what do you mean? there were three different tints of green in the h1, h2, and h3 armor. But either way I prefer MC green to any other color. That is my choice however, go with what you feel is awesome. Because no matter what, you can always change the paint color anytime.
I was planning to do a gunmetal/dark grey as well! But it really is hard to choose. :( Same two colors I had in my mind, well. Including pink. (Which will probably be a no go)

Anyways, I say go gunmetal/dark grey. Be one of the few free lancers on 405th! (That I've seen) I shall join you when my armor is complete! (Unless you go MC green. :D)
Both are awesome.
Depends on who you want to impress.

If it's the people of this forum go for the more original gunmetal grey.

If it's your friends or random aquaintences go for MC green. It's more recongnizable as "the dude from that halo game".
I say gun metal.. That would be totally original.. And everyone recognizes MC no matter what the color it is.. I'm red myself and people were saying.. It's the HALO DUDE!!! (y)
Ragnarok118 said:
i think im going gunmetal.
I can always repaint it right? :D

Of course you can.. If it doesn't turn out the way you like it or get sick of it.. You can always paint over it.. Get some sand paper and cut into it and expose the gun metal after you repaint it. :lol:
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Jarhead said:
Dude, not everyone spends days in front of a game console memorizing all the armor types.

hey you dont have to spend days to know it is talked about all the time :oops:
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ecose said:
hey you dont have to spend days to know it is talked about all the time :oops:
yeah, yeah, sure, sure. it's all the forums talk about is just one aisian style armor.
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