Soft Parts Hand Painted Cortana Bodysuit


As much as I've been wanting to get started on my Cortana Spartan armor, it has been put on the backburner for a new bodysuit for this years Calgay Expo cosplay contest, pairing with VonSnake 's Master Chief.

Since contests require so much to be personally crafted I decided to be a glutton for punishment and completely make a new bodysuit from scratch.... within a month of the contest.....

First started out with dying the fabric cause no where local to me had stretch fabric in the right colour. So I picked up some white, super soft stretch fabric and tried dying for the first time. Very messy haha. But seems to have worked out!


Stay tuned as I get it sewn together then paint the entire thing in like 2 weeks... while working a fulltime job AND Repainting VonSnake's entire suit. Wish me luck!
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