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I've just built the hand piece, and I think it's still scaled too big. I used the scaling formula, (I'm 6 foot 4), but I'm unclear as to whether the hand piece is supposed to go over the knuckles or is it supposed to stop before it goes over the edge of the hand? Here's what I've got:

Does anybody have a good picture of how it's supposed to fit? I've looked at Adam's pics, but I can't quite tell from those.


BTW, should I keep any further questions in this topic, or is it okay to make an new topic of i have a different problem with other pieces?


i think the hand piece should stop just on or behind the knuckles, to me yours looks slightly over size, its starting to go over your wrist.



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DemonSandWizard said:
it looks a little big. i assume thats the mkVI hand piece? because the MKV one stops short of the knuckles for sure
It is the mkVI.
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