Have you read any horror manga?

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Ugh, I don't know how to start...
Well, I'm just have finished to read Uzumaki manga.
I know, you think "wow, what a slowpoke" :)
But really, I'm just discovered this thing for me.
And have read it from beginning till the end without stopping even for a minute...
Really mesmerizing thing..

WARNING! Horror material! Not recommended for nervous or sensitive people!
Uzumaki manga

Ral Partha

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I have a copy of a live-action version of Uzumaki. I have to check how faithful this movie is to the manga, though.

Speaking of horror manga, I regularly follow Franken Fran, which is a medical horror manga.

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Have never read the mangas. Might start trying it out! I have 125 episodes left though for Shippuden and I can definitely say it is a real peace of art!
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