havin trouble with pep

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ok i printed out all the nets onto paper and then i used a ruler and 2 different colour pens to fold and it worked ok untill i got to folding the little flaps, which i managed to do but for some reason at some joins there where was a hole maybe big enough to fit a pencil lead through am i doing something wrong and also, is card easier to do than paper pep?
actually i think it was my positioning of tabs that was a bit off anyway im makin a slightly larger helmet because the paper one was to small so now im just cutting it out of card, can i ask where you started piecing together the helmet, last time i did it i started from top down but then it all started to lose its shape so where should i start?
yeah thanks dude, last time i did use the pe nand ruler method but this time il be more thorough, so the jaw is the best place to start?
so just do it all in the same day, ok thanks for the advice and i meant by the tabs being out of position maybe because i was rushing and then it slipped and i didn't notice. thanks anyway, il most likely start getting the pen lines done then fold and glue tomorrow.
well i use super glue and that drys really fast but i only have a small tube of it =[, i have a hot glue gun so just low temp?, won't the glue into blobs if it doesn't get glued to the paper?
wen i used the super glue my fingers were really hard afterwards, so for the hot glue gun are normal glue sticks alright to use?
lol ok thanks for the advice, il get progress reports to tell you how im getting on, apparently my glue gun doesn't have a temp setting how do i get a low temp?
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