Having Trouble Talking?


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We've all had the problem with talking through solid plastic or a visor. But Master Chief's armor is practically made to solve this problem.

My idea is to have a small microphone inside the helmet. The receiving speakers, however, will be inside the two towers on the back of the chestpiece, facing forward with a diagonal piece crossing it. On the flying squirl chest, you can cut out the cardstock square behind the diagonal line, and attach small speakers to replace the detail there. In the end, it looks very similar, except that people can actually hear you.

My computer is terrible at uploading stuff, so if anyone could try to show an example of this, that would be great.

Not sure if someone's posted this before, but I just thought I'd share my plan.


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Yea, I remember there were some threads about how to combat this. I remember someone was going to install some speakers in their chest armor and have a mic attached to it, along with the various equipment (wires, batteries, etc).