Hayabusa Helmet is kinda gay

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preskewl said:
haha i agree.. i see the helmet alot and i pwn them haha LOL..
I take back what i said about hayabusa maybe its cause i just unlocked the chest =p.
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The reason they call it the Hyabusa is because it is Ryu Hyabusa. He is The NINJA in Ninja Gaiden, that's why it is the Ninja Armor.

The helm and shoulders are from his Black Dragon armor. You can see it in both Ninja Gaiden and DOA 4.

The helm in game is silver and gold where you see white in H3.
I only hate it because it doesn't fit in the halo verse very well, and everyone online is using it since instructions on how to get it went online.
Personally I think the reason it's in the game is Team Ninja scratching Bungie's back for letting them use a Spartan in DOA4. It doesn't fit the Haloverse b/c it's just a cameo unlockable.
Bad Blood said:
personally id use the mark V armor
have to go to the classics lol

do they have an entire shoulder's and body piece for the Mark V?

i also saw a helm today that looked like a cartoon helmet. hard to describe but ill try to get a picture.
commando? marathon?
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My guy is CQB and so is my avatar!

I don't like it that much, it's alright, but meh, I enjoy other helmets better
theres a point where u can give people to many options to customize ur armor, it gets to a point where its not really halo anymore, just who has unlocked more stuff in the game.....

plus its another problem for joinin a clan, now u will probally have to have the correct emblem AND armor config to join, thank goodness that im an overlord...
I agree. It's just a nod to team Ninja. I only like the shoulder pads. My spartan is ODST helm, ODST body, shoulders are ninja. And my primary is slate(light) steel and my secondary is a darker grey.
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