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I'm free for crits just need feed back and feed forward. I didn't excactly finish it as It was mad through pure boredome and in a HUGE rush. So some bits are missing. But when I sculpt a mold it. It'll be great.

Damnit! My computer's being a little crapper and won't let me upload pics. I guess I'll try tommorow. But since it will be christmas I might not be o allowed on da computer, and then I'll be away for 3 WEEKS! I'll try!


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Here, use this link.


Just hit the browse button, select the
pic you want to upload and hit "host it".

After the page reloads, copy the text in
one of the boxes that says "for web pages".

Then paste that info into your post when
you make it. Your pictures are posted! :D


people people, we don't need to get into this again like last time with names and such ask politely and im sure you can compramise to something.
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