1st Build Haydenator and Wife Suit Builds


Hey everyone! Me and my wife are new to the 405th and large scale cosplay builds so this project is our biggest! Previously we did R6 Siege and most recently BL3 Psychos at pax south 2020. My wife wants to be a creative person in her life such as an artist, photographer, digital artist, etc. I want to be a content creator and stream through Twitch but have yet to fully start Youtube.

My build will be a MKII Rogue and my wife's will be MKII version VI! The building of these suits most likely will not commence until early winter because this whole project and our lives are balancing on one interview I will be taking in Jefferson Colorado around March 17th. Which is actually 4 days after our wedding!!!! Wish us luck haha

If you guys have any pointers on weathering, wiring LED or COM, foam techniques, or what to use for an under-suit then go ahead and share away!

I will post updates as much as possible and have so many plans to meet y'all and stream/record my costume making :D
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Take your time and do a good job. ExCeLLuR8 had said "...be sentimental to the process, not the piece." Means if it isn't how you want it, do it again!

Thus forum is the greatest bunch of people online anywhere. It's like the anti-Reddit!

I have a sordid history with that site. It's better off staying away from it.


After much frustration and much error I got my first print out! This is iust 1/11 though! If you guys have any recommendations on adhesive techniques and ways to even seams out or anything, let me know please!

This is RV Top or Rogue Visor Top and as of right now the RV Bottom is printing. The way that the RH (Rogue Helmet) Is cut is in half across the x axis then twice across the y axis. It's all very confusing but I will continue to keep you all updated!


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After much frustration and much error I got my first print out! This is iust 1/11 though! If you guys have any recommendations on adhesive techniques and ways to even seams out or anything, let me know please!

This is RV Top or Rogue Visor Top and as of right now the RV Bottom is printing. The way that the RH (Rogue Helmet) Is cut is in half across the x axis then twice across the y axis. It's all very confusing but I will continue to keep you all updated! View attachment 284484
Very clean print. I have found so far that your standard superglue has worked best form me, then some reinforcing on the inside seam with melted fillament to weld it together


Hey guys, me again! That picture I sent earlier is actually a visor that is too big. I would've looked like a Mascot!

So I bought ArmorSmith (Best decision of my life in cosplay I totally recommend) and measured and did all that jazz. Now I have my Visor MKII and it is the perfect size! I will attach a picture here in a bit of the comparison!

I also have the helmet small enough for my head to the point where I went from printing 11 different pieces to 6! Amazing!


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And I am back! Finished printing my helmet and getting it all together and my wife's as well! Here are the pictures for those, going to vaccuum form a visor and try to make mine magnetic for more versatility in cons and such.

Don't know how long until you hear another update from me or the wife. Getting married officially and moving from Southern Texas to Colorado in about 4-5 days from now and starting interviews for some jobs because these projects are not cheap :D wish us luck on our travels and hopefully they go well!


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Hey guys! Going to post a few updates of the helmet here! Got my helmet all painted as well as HoneyLemun all done! Had to make a stand for her helmet and visor out of hot glue and popsickle sticks Next step is armorsmith editing the unfolded versions of the armor and making it! It may take forever but the outcome should be amazing!


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Another update!

We got our helmets all fitted and painted and they look great! Now its time for armor and such. These past few days have been dedicated to using armor smith to get all that done! Our most likely last to do thing is vacuum forming our visors. Hope you guys enjoy!


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I have so much more updating! I finally got my shipment of paper and printed out my stencils and it is the most grueling thing ever cutting, tracing, and cutting.

I had a hard time translating paper and foam folds and such so I got rid of a few pieces and had to jerry rig cut some other so it is NOT the 100% accurate Rogue MKII.

Also I am going to need so much more foam! Harbor Freight here I come!

I also ordered craft 2mm foam for details and such as well as 7 cans of plasti-dip and they won’t be here until May 16th...stupid Covid. As long as it isn’t the flood then we will be fine :D

have a picture of our cat Gizmo!


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Aw, you don't like cutting out patterns? I find it to be very relaxing with some background music.
Lucky Americans can afford to get 7 cans of Plasti-dip. Down Under that'd cost ~$128USD!


I have finally finished the entire torso!!!! I can’t connect the chest and back until I fill seams in Kwik Seal and plastidip the entire thing. After I do that I will have magnets and Velcro and embed the magnets into where I want and have velcro for even more security. I will be getting more eva foam and hot glue sticks once this lockdown for Covid is over.
Enjoy! BCEEDC2B-9022-4F2A-9CD6-91E9616869D4.jpeg


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Looks great! Just make sure to make it look it's best before you apply quickseal to make it easier on you, and strive for perfection when filling in seams because every little flaw is brought out even more once paint is added. You making amazing progress!
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