Hd Darth Vader Pep Files

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Hi peoples,

I have been at work on this ever since I got the files to do it from Soul Caliber 4. Now I am almost finished with the entire set of the armor files for Darth Vader the only problem is that all the files are HD and that takes a while to do it all but I will be done by Monday the 14th with it all. So far I have finished working on the Belt Equipment, Cod, Chestbox and the Shins. Now I just have to do the shoulder, neck armor and the 2 part Helmet. I have to thank JUICE for breaking down the 3D files to where I could pep them into sections without his help it would not have been possible for me to do this. And yes on the files I am also making Darth Vaders HD Lightsaber. If you want my other Star Wars files they are here but will only be on until the 14th when I will be taking them down permantly from the 4shared site. Also I have a full set of the Warhammer Space Marine files and I also have the Samus Aran files but have only finished pepping the helmet the rest still needs worked on and if you want the 3D files for any of my items just e-mail me and I will send you the 3D file. Cylonproject2000@Yahoo.com

Please e-mail me if you would like to get the completed Darth Vader files as they will not be added to the 4shared site since I will be closing the 4shared files on Monday.








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Yogi they were aiming it for the files unfortunatly I do not know your e-mail to send you the files Yogi so if you could please e-mail me at the first post e-mail address.

Just for further reference, if you would like to get the Vader files or any other of my files please e-mail me and do not PM, when PM'ing it is kinda hard searching for your e-mail address that way to send you files.


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all the files look great im in the middel of unfolding or cleaning up/scaling the clone trooper files,would u mind if when im done if i posted them here on this thread

and do u have any other starwars helms(mostly scout/RC)


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Hi guys i'm new in this forum and i'm looking for a project for darth vader helmet.
I didn't fint it anywhere, can you send me your files if you still have them??
thank you very much guys, i don't know where looking for...

my email is teocesare@yahoo.it
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