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HD Halo 3 MKVI, RVB's "Tucker" Pepikura Build FINISHED!

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by AsphyxiaOrange, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Okay so.

    I'm going to do a build.
    I'm making a thread.

    Basically, I have a few weeks of uninterrupted freedom (almost twelve hours a day for two weeks), and I have the time and patience to start my first build in that span. Being a spartan is my dreaaaaam.
    I'm totally not rushing this, but I'm definitely working on it nonstop.

    Day one- supplies. For real though, the first thing I did after this was take like ten selfies with the respirator on because my friends still don't know what the heck I'm building and it's great to mess with them.

    Day three- printing and cutting. I'll definitely figure out this piece.

    Also day three: error.
    Even with pepping I don't think this piece is going to work without some resizing.
    It was a cool hat though. IMG_0017_zpsf651a92d.jpg

    Because if I wasn't laughing about it, I'd probably be crying.

    I don't know.

    I ran out of paper ( it's now day... Four/five???)
    But I've actually successfully put the booty together, both hand plates, and half a thigh(???). I attempted the shoulder but it seems every measurement (save the hands) that had to do with my arms was botched. I remeasured my arm yesterday and I'm halfway through gluing a new forearm.

    Tips are welcome and appreciated.

    Note: I'll be out of town for the next week actually, then the two weeks of freedom kind of start. This was an early start, whoops.

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  2. MJPvt Grif

    MJPvt Grif

    Looks good so far.

    Re-sizing is a pain. It took me 3 tries to get my shins sized properly. There are a couple useful threads on the subject in the creation discution section, but apart from that it ends up being a lot of trial and error. I know how frustrating that can be. When it comes to resin coating, you're going to need a lot more chip brushes. Even if you're cleaning them after each batch, they still get ruined pretty fast. I found that I liked the 1" ones best. Good luck with the rest. Can't wait to see more progress.
  3. n8four


    Something that works for me on sizing, trace your arm, leg, foot, or whatever and measure it to get an idea of how thick your pieces need to be. A ruler doesn't really go through your body very well so its hard to get a point to point measurement. Use the increase/decrease by 10% until you get a more appropriate measurement when using the "measure distance between two points" feature in pepekura designer. It is a lot of guess work at first, but putting the time in your preparation will save tons of time in your build.
  4. HaloGoddess


  5. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Thanks everyone for your advice so far, and yeh I've heckled out yours and read a tooooon of stickies before wen starting this thing. The problem wasn't much with my method as much as I just had no idea how to work a ruler, haha. It probably would've been better if I wouldn't have read three different methods beforehand and I think I probably confused them.
    I have been using your method the most though
    Update though: after re scaling my forearm piece I was able to get it the perfect size (which is slightly large to allow room for the fiberglass to make it larger). I also decided to go ahead an work on the shoulder piece because when I re-measured my upper arm it ended up the same measurement I started with. I considered that maybe I just got confused and assumed it was too big when I started to build it, but I should've learned at the beginning that my judgement is not very good.

    I'll put more brushes on my shopping list. Also I've has trouble finding the measure point to point tool in the designer program ( probably due to my limited experience with it) what does the icon look like?
  6. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (noobiest mk vi with pictures)

    Lots more cutting.
    I have now more than half of my pieces cut and glued. IMG_0029_zpsc159fc7b.jpg

    So now I have:
    Both thighs
    Both Forearms
    Both hand pieces
    One shoulder piece
    One shin piece
    The belt/codpiece

    But I have a question, sort of, about the shin piece.
    It seems the correct length, but it's such a large piece that I can almost put both my legs in it.
    (I mean, here it doesn't look that big, because my thighs throw off the proportions for everything- But my calves aren't that big.
    I'm about to go search around a few of the sizing threads and see what I can find, but it is really supposed to be that big extending backwards? Should I alter the piece or what?
    Well of course I'm going to have to alter the piece, but, any suggestions on how I could go about that without mutilating it too badly?

    Edit: I circled a few threads and the only solution really is to cut it up(duh duh duh) Once I have the other one put together, I'll probably take off some space around the larger back seams. I'll update this again once I'm done with at least those and he chest piece.

    Edit2: I forgot to mention the stream I'm putting a ton of photos on. I'm uploading to it from my phone directly, so it updates quicker than the thread here. So, by the off chance that you actually are following my progress you can check here: https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A3JtdOXmG2tPRk

    Also did I mention I'm building tucker? I don't think I did.
  7. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (noobiest mk vi with pictures)

    Actual Update

    when that's at least done?
    Oh boy
    I've got most my pieces now covered with resin on both sides
    and about half my pieces (the smaller ones at least) layered on the inside with fiberglass.
    Now I'm debating buying another quart of resin (my third) or stretching the second can out to finish fiberglassing the second half. I'm leaning more towards buying a third, since i expect to have leftover fiberglass anyways and just adding some of the extra fiberglass to places that's be weaker areas or areas that would have a lot of wear and tear (Back of the codpiece, shoes, and shoulder pieces mostly) and any extra resin could go towards adding more thickness to the pieces. Who knows, we'll see.

    IMG_0050_zps3f5c14d4.jpg IMG_0047.JPG
    Here's my old workspace while I was still working with resin.
    everything drying UuU
    Some damages happened on these two. I fixed with hot glue and then went over the areas with resin while working on another piece because the hot glue didn't seem to like staying on the resin.
    When I'm avoiding doing resin work I often sit and pick at these... icicles.
    Ive got some really angry ones in pieces with sharp corners. That being said, I don't want to accidentally stab my eyes out while putting on the helmet or cut myself getting into those forearm pieces.
    Also making visual notes for me to find later about what I plan to do about cutting certain pieces.

    Notes/ HELP:

    I'm nervous about working with Bondo soon. I almost have no idea how to go about it ( I mean, I do– I've seen tutorials and references galore, but I'm still scared I'm going to mess up or run out wayyy too quickly.) If you have any advice, feel free to drop it here.

    As for under suit, right now I'm working on gathering materials. I have a great, thin but opaque pair of leggings and a few turtleneck long sleeves that I plan to cut up and alter, but I haven't started planning out what I'm going to do with them yet. I'll put up pictures when I start to work on them. Also if you have under suit references, I would love to see them.

    Lastly! I've seen This stuff right here used in a few builds, and I was wondering if anyone has tried light hardening or sealing to them so that they'd be able to be worn without another clear visor in front or behind it?

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  8. Kusak3


    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Bondo is an exercise in patience. If you have been watching the tutorials they are going to tell you the most about using it. Patience and thin coats and as smooth as you can put it on. Think icing a cake smooth. You are only using it to smooth and level things out so the less you put on the less you have to sand off to get things smoothed out. You may have to do multiple thin coats but its in some ways a lot less work.
  9. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)


    Okay so recently started using Bondo, planning an under suit, and finished up the resin process.

    Added an extra layer to the inside of all the lower shoes pieces, and the back of the codpiece.
    So it can withstand the sheer monstrosity that is my rear.

    I also took some time to cute the chest piece and codpieces into separate parts using a knife I found in the kitchen (that's a joke, but we really did store our razor blades in the kitchen so...)
    Speaking of the cheap things I do, I figured out a cute way to avoid buying bondo applicators because I didn't feel like driving 2 miles to the store again.
    You know those plastic thingies that come with a quart of resin? It's like a lid but it's not a lid and there's almost no use for it?

    Bam. Free Bondo applicators. If you can cut straight enough, they work like a charm.
    (And I've been using the curvy edge piece as a scoop to grab it out of the Bondo container)
    ((TBH I feel like that easy of a solution is somehow going to backfire though.))
    Cleaning them is okay, too. Once the Bondo is dry you can just peel it off the plastic (or if you don't feel like touching it, a screwdriver will get it off pretty quickly, too)
    If you put foil in one, you can also use it as your resin cup (I learned that one in one of the Q&A forum posts that used to be stickies before the site got flipped turn upside down)

    The fun thing is, I'm not nearly as good at using Bondo as I am at being cheap.
    Exhibit A.
    [SUB]I probably shouldn't have started with such a hard piece.[/SUB]

    Don't worry, it got better!!
    I cut out those tiny details near the center while the filler was still warm. They're not precisely even, but they're close enough.
    It just needs some serious sanding and a touch of spot putty... that part of it, at least. I still have more details to carve out.

    Here's the back of the helmet:
    I spent a lot of hand sanding on this lil guy.
    I can say that I'm really happy about how it looks... so far.
    Here's the top. It needs some spot putty and a little bit of evening–out, but for the most part it's good.

    A little work has been done on the side/front, but it needs more attention. Maybe tomorrow.

    Even though I tried to follow your advice, I think I had to get used to the material too. And the fact that its kind of applied in globs at a time. I definately got the wrong idea when I started anyways, haha.

    [SUB]I dunno man, have you had a gigi's cupcake? The icing is like the exact mass of the cupcake.[/SUB]

    Attached Files:

  10. Lowcone494


    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Looks great so far!! Ill be keeping an eye on this build.
  11. Mitkay5

    Mitkay5 New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Very nice work so far. I wish I had as much time as you to work on my project. Glad you are getting the sizing down.... it took me three tries.... Are you planning on doing a special color scheme or are you going with classic master chief scheme?
  12. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Ooh Thankyou

    Thanks! I hope you get time soon!

    Update part:
    Low on bondo.
    worked on shoe fronts
    What the heck is this stuff? Can i use it? I'm gonna try.
    (It says it works on cars, and fiberglass so)
  13. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    *Throws Accuracy out of the window*
    [SUB]I kind of wish I would've made it more accurate (And I still have the opportunity to do so), but I really don't want to and I have no idea why that is.[/SUB]

    Back of shoes. The one on the left has been sanded, the other hasn't.
    (After I sanded the one on the right)

    Started on codpiece and worked on the thigh pieces a little more. These all need to be sanded.

    I need to get new sandpaper and order some spot putty. I couldn't find any putty locally at all, so Amazon to the rescue.
    I don't even know what grit sandpaper this is to be honest.
    [SUB]It's going to be fun finding these.[/SUB]

    Oh, and here's a really gross looking sketch of what I plan to do about an under suit.
    Most of it is unintelligible.
    [SUB]Why did I use that weird looking yellow green color nobody knows[/SUB]

    Attached Files:

  14. rundown


    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    The scratch remover is for clearcoat. That is only after you painted it and gave it a lacquer. (clearcoat)
    If there are any scratches in this you would need to use this.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  15. Harri51


    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Looking good so far, Very good start honestly keep going strong.
  16. Johnnybroskii


    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Good luck! I just started my build too!
  17. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    I figured that out haha, it's definitely not a substitute for spot putty, which I still have yet to order.

    Thankee Thank Thank

    Thank you! Good luck to you too!

    I dunno, college just started, so this project is going to slow it's pace a little more, sadly.
    But I did a little bit more recent work that I can show, too :O
    I worked on these side thingie things

    I also sanded down all those other pieces that I added filler to in the last post (The front and back of the belt/codpiece and the thigh pieces).




    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  18. Masterchief0624


    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    looking good!!! keep it up the great work
  19. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Surprise guys this build isn't dead! I'm just in school right now, so the pace is slowed.

    I actually have gotten around to sanding this piece, so it's almost done.
    Hah this chest piece will be the death of me.
    After doing like 2 layers of this stuff I love this helmet so much. After I sanded it it felt so smooth! I didn't know the spot putty would do that. :D
    I decided last minute that I'm going to put in LEDs before I paint it, but I don't have a glue gun at the moment so that might be awhile. I can work on the other pieces though, since this one is at a stand–still.

    Irregardless likes this.
  20. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)


    Deadline (not an actual date, just to keep me motivated): Hama 2015
  21. Noble 10

    Noble 10

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    looking great
  22. ErMaC


    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Nice to see another Pep build with resin and bondo. excellent work.
  23. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    Thank you!!


    Update! Hama is in two weeks and nothing is done. I'm going to do as much as I can in the next few weeks in hopes to get it done on time, but if all else, it'll be a lot closer to be done by Pensacon or Kamicon within the next year.

    I am fully aware that this visor is crooked, but by the time I'm done it wont be obvious from the inside or outside, which is a plus. It still manages to fit on my head and not hurt me so that's probably a good sign.
    A bunch more pieces are primed.

    So now all primed are:
    Hand pieces
    one shoulder
    front belt/codpiece
    2/3 parts of both shoes

    it's probably a super bad idea to paint the outside before the inside but whoooopsps
    Also I decided to be a cheater and use most the mistakes I make in the bondo phase as battle damage, to save time money and sanity.
  24. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Re: Ok cool lets do a build (HD mkvi Tucker)

    I'm still alive and my project is too!!!!
    I'm usually working on it during the summer since I'm a full time student, and last year during both the summer and fall semester I had to keep a job, too
    (I'm never working at a fast food restaurant ever again)

    Let me give you some updates since this thread was probably assumed 100% done done dead:

    > There are only 3 pieces left that I haven't touched since they've been resin'd ---> The back torso, and the two shin pieces

    > Hand pieces, all 6 shoes pieces, front codpiece and one shoulder have all made it past final paint

    >I have some shoes for the shoes, having a little trouble attaching everything. I've tried hotglue, to no avail.
    I also tried loctite.
    In the heat.
    Like loctite says not to do.

    > Helmet and that shoulder have been padded. I can raise my arm up without the shoulder piece digging into my arm and I can nod yes or no without everything slippy sliding around.

    >The other shoulder piece is done with filler and I put spot putty on it and will probably sand it today

    > Both forarms have gone through a round of Bondo autobody filler, but they'll need a little more before they're actually done They dont look half bad so far.

    > I hate the thigh pieces????? With every fiber of my being????

    > I painted the inside of a bunch of pieces so I felt like I was getting something done (i wasn't)

    > Even though I got a good sander I'm still hand sanding everything because it makes my hands all jittery and I might hate myself a little bit

    aaaaaaaaaaaand Pictures!

    Paddings. I also plan for velcro on the undersuit so i left a little breathing room for that.


    Hands and feet when I was painting them

    I added some detail to the front so it'd kinda mush around the visor.
    I did this with the visor in and covered head to toe in painters tape

    From when I was trying to configure the shoes.
    They'll likely look something like this when they decide to cooperate.

    That's that second arm that's sitting in the garage now drying from spot yesterday.
    Also the forearms, how much detail is on them. I want them to be a little more rounded
    even though, i put spot on some places already >>;;;;;

    Spot on the helmet (Why aren't these in order?)

    Helmet full and repainted and happy!!

    Some painted things.

    EDIT: Oh yeah I wanted to tell you guys a story about Hamacon. I missed it this year, but my last post I didn't talk about it and I wanna.
    So there was a spartan there last year when I actually went, a foam builder, and he was talking so bad about resin building and this guy had no idea that I was a resin builder. I was just standing there like "uhuh, surething, yep,"
    I have nothing against foam building but that guy was a lil silly
    I took a picture with him, though, and his armor was super nice looking, Halo 3 standard MJOLNIR, red and white spartan.

    He did says some things, of value, though. He wasn't dumb or anything, he was just kind of biased. He brought up how you cant really sit in resin armor, so I've been thinking ever since how to get around that. It's my new mission. He also complained about breaks, which I'm not sure how you could break resin armor unless you're fooling about or someone pushes you over, or unless you put stress in places that aren't meant to be stressed (ie: a non–reinforced butt piece that you sit on directly). I'm going to try and be careful, though, about what things I attempt in armor.
  25. moderndaymarc

    moderndaymarc Member

    Your build is coming along very well, keep it up and keep up the updates!
    Also, nice to see another Tucker around here ;)
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