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HD Halo 3 MKVI, RVB's "Tucker" Pepikura Build FINISHED!

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by AsphyxiaOrange, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    So in the month of October leading up to a certain costume contest (unrelated to my build, but related to my motivation somehow) My younger cousin convinced her family to help her build an extremely elaborate costume for that competition and still hyped up on adrenaline that night after the competition told me that I should finish my entire build in the next EIGHT DAYS so she could show me off at a fall festival the next Saturday.

    So I did, actually.

    There were quite a few times during the week where I really didn't feel like it and just wanted to sleep and she told me no... which, I'm glad she did.

    This was where I was at Day 1

    Here is me marking the back piece with cardstock

    Spot and Bondo-ing one night

    IMG_8759.JPG IMG_8760.JPG IMG_8761.JPG IMG_8763.JPG
    working on the back piece

    IMG_8765.JPG IMG_8829.JPG IMG_8830.JPG IMG_8831.JPG IMG_8861.JPG IMG_8862.JPG IMG_8863.JPG

    IMG_8864.JPG IMG_8866.JPG IMG_8868.JPG IMG_8869.JPG IMG_8870.JPG IMG_8871.JPG IMG_8872.JPG IMG_8873.JPG IMG_8874.JPG
    Finishing the back piece!

    I also had this blinking light kit that I made in a class that I decided one evening to add into my helmet even though I originally intended not to add lights.
    The little foam square is where the battery goes. I also ended up putting some padding over some of the wires since I don't intend to remove them and don't want them to get pulled at.

    Here is back (and my feet) after going through a lot of sandpaper (rest in piece). This was Friday, the day before the festival and also before a different even I'd decided to volunteer for a 6am...
    so I just pulled an all–nighter instead of giving up.

    IMG_8931.JPG IMG_8932.JPG IMG_8935.JPG
    Last of the painting! I ran out of paint halfway through (and was also in the middle of DND over discord and ran to Home Depot to get more. Luckily it was only 8pm).
    (Side note: my DM got onto the topic of RvB without even knowing what I was working on.)

    So here's most everything laid out on my Aunt's kitchen table. The heavy tools sitting in the shoe pieces are because we decided to use gorilla glue since Loctite and Hot Glue both previously failed. It was about 10 or 11pm when I started strapping and the back piece was still drying on the porch.
    (And the Candle is to sear the edges of the Nylon Strapping when I cut it because we didn't have any lighters, just matches).
    IMG_8939.JPG IMG_8945.JPG
    Here are some pieces as I was working on them. At first I wasn't satisfied that they weren't as seamless as some of the nicer builds I've seen on here, but when I got around to seeing it all on me later it was noticeable to me anymore.
    I was really pushing it till 530 when I had to leave. But I somehow did it and nothing fell off of me the next day!

    If anyone has transportation tips please tell me some. They didn't shift around much but stacking them made me nervous even if it was convenient.

    IMG_8991.JPG IMG_8993.JPG IMG_8997.JPG
    Here one of the people I live with helps me put on my armor while that younger cousin takes pictures.

    And Here we are!

    There are some adjustments that need to be done (some places that still poke and scrape and a few pieces that don't stay 100% in place but nothing actually broke off. That, and some minor paint touch-ups since I admit I did rush myself a little. I also did not finish a formal undersuit (I wore a sweater and leggings) so that's still on my to–do list.
    Thank you to everyone who left me tips of encouragement with this! I'll continue to post any edits and maybe even accompanying weapon builds in this thread but I am considering it technically finished!!
    (And If I find anymore nicer pictures I will be sure to add them here)

    version 3.jpg
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  2. HeroMinerR5


  3. Dirtdives


    Nice pose.....and the bag really makes a fashion statement.
  4. Jme


    Well done! Looks great!
  5. PaiganBoi


    If no one will say it, I will... " Bow chica wow wow"
  6. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    why?... just why?
  7. PaiganBoi


    Cuz it's Tucker.
  8. HeroMinerR5


    Watch this video it funny it about tucker
  9. Dirtdives


    Because it is funny and it fits the situation and the character........."Tucker did it".........
  10. AsphyxiaOrange

    AsphyxiaOrange New Member

    Thanks! :D

    Lol I was trying to pick something lightweight but I think I might have to just put pockets in the belt because even that tiny bag was difficult to carry around.

    Aaaa thanks!

    Lol out of context I get how the other user got confused. Honestly, I'm surprised no one said it before.
  11. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Great work! I can't imagine how tired you were after a week of intense building and then walking around in costume! Pretty awesome to have friends and family help motivate you.
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