He4thbar's Fallout 3 t-45d BOS outcast power armor


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PROGRESS: pretty much done, rust was done after this pic

PDO, ADO and OBJ Files
here: t-45d_Share - Google Drive
If you can't find it in the PDO, check the OBJ folder. though you will have to do the unfold yourself most likely.
these are pep files you will need to convert to foam.
If you have armorsmith you can use my foam unfolds via .ado files.
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Well ODST done, so of course it's onto my next build. Gonna wait to do my reach Spartan till after this iconic guy. Outcast because red and come on, outcast is in the name.
Outcast_T45d_power_armor.png Outcast_power_helmet.png
Files I could salvage were from Belakor who seems to be inactive now as well as some of his links. (some of them are just OBJ so i'll let armorsmith do the converting for me)
Progress so far, scaled the body, scaled the helmet. Converted it to foam, and cut out the foam. Will update you guys as it goes.
Snapchat-2068451951.jpg Snapchat-16266112.jpg IMG_20191204_211923.jpg
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Not a big update but took some time. Totaled in at 49 googly eyes. They go all the way from the top to the back of the bottom too. Rivets are installed
Also cut out the filter and backed it with foam to add a depth layer for the center filter. I also added the ears.

IMG_20200105_174844.jpg IMG_20200105_174900.jpg
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Looks good. Clean lines, and all those googly eyes.
Thank you :).
Funny short update. Looks like I was given free battle damage by my demon cat. He decided it would be best to knock it off our art tower and chrw on it. At least it wasn't pep..

Who knew this cat was capable of such things...

Also side update. Got the back helmet tube connection done(minus those pesky detail indents), so time to work on the flashlight attachments and such
JPEG_20200107_215022.jpg JPEG_20200107_214747.jpg JPEG_20200107_214920.jpg