He4thbar's Halo 3 Elite (Postponed)


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STATUS: Currently this project has been postponed indefinitely unless I decide to make it after my spartan is complete (see 2nd page for reasoning) attached in this post is a zip file of my unfolds and original objs. good luck to anyone who wants to try this

Halo 3 was my most played halo game that really sucked me into the franchise, and I wanted to do something a bit out there for my 3rd cosplay, while also coming back to the 405th building.
Here is what I have so far

Snapchat-645876637.jpg Snapchat-963660675.jpg IMG_20200824_074248.jpg
It has been scaled to my liking and now I am into the unfolding section!!
Roughly from top to bottom this elite if fitted correctly will be 7'5" tall (226cm for metric users)
I will be using platforms similar to Yelsanick0117 build to obtain this extra height

Initially I tried to use the in game files but found them too low poly. I reached out to @masterj2001 on Instagram and he sold me his high quality H3 elite model. I proceeded to disect it into more usable parts as seen below.
IMG_20200815_211040.jpg blender_Yo1jAYKwO0-1.png blender_IWhvx0SPVK-1.png
Here is what normal scale looks like before moving the head up in the yellow unfold files.

Lastly. This project will be made of EVA foam, possibly use my foam clay for the face of the elite and go from there.
Legs/arms and undersuit will be made from upholstery foam, and then I will use foam fast 74 to attach YanaHana scubahex fabric to the upholstery foam.


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Wooooort wort wort
Can't wait to rig up my voice amp with a voiceline glove/box. that's all you're gonna hear before you even see me WORT WORT WORT

also holy cow that elite is massive... too big for me but his methodology is pretty close to my plan. his neck does give me some ideas though. I might just go with the hard hat idea you did for your FP view RandomRanger


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