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Hey, I searched, and I couldnt find anything. My head barely fits through the cardstock of my chest piece.im afraid when i fiberglass it, it wont go through. what can i do, because it fits me fine other than that, the paper has to bend a little to get through.
To your friends, the simple fact is that you actually *have* a master chief suit, will keep their attention drawn to just that. You have a suit. That will be awesome to them. Only the hardcore will notice, and most likely, will not care as long as you put hard work into your suit.
Draw lines with a sharpie where you think you want to cut it. Imagine that the lines are now where the piece ends and see if it looks messed up.
Dont trim anything just yet, DONT. Mine doesnt fit either, but I cut mine into 2 peices after resin/glassing it, it now holds with velcro to keep the front and back peices together, the neck hole and arms wont fit if you have the torso in 1 peice, just slice the torso into 2 peices with a dremel or xacto knife from the sides, such as a shoulder area, and the under arm area, then you will have a front torso and a backpack torso peice much easier to wear.
You can, just cut a 2-3 inch peice of black elastic strip (very thick peice) and hot glue it, when wearing, just try to put it on like normal, but dont be afraid to give it some force, the elastic strips will come on, but I feel this may warp the armor after a few uses, better to use velcro.
I would say chop it into 2 pieces, then after resining and painting and all that use velcro pads to connect them back together. I'm a bit uneasy about hotglue against resin and its ability to hold up
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