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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Akane, Aug 23, 2017.

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    it is a plesure to meet all of you and i am from Australia, it great to see so many great resouses here since i decided to make my first halo costume a few months back, at the moment im working on the helmet which is almost done even tho iv had alter the design to fit, i sized the pep file to my head size only to find that on portion of it was to big and only realized 50% through foam construction, so i don't know weather i can call it a halo 4 odst helmet now, but i am happy how its turned out so far go a bit more to do and then clean up and re-enforcement to make it a little sturdier.
    below is a current level of the build, it still dosen't fit snugly not sure what to do since the space i would need to fill is about a foam floor mats thickness but then my head wouldn't fit.
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    If you would like, you can upload images directly into your thread by selecting the "Upload a File" option by "Post Reply," rather than linking to an off-site image hosting service.
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    oh thanks for the info will renember that for the next time :)

    3 panel helmet collection.jpg
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    Very cool looking.......w/ those deep wide crevices, the helmet looks more like something a Necromonger would wear. Great job and yes w/ a little TLC, you can change the look to an ODST.

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