Hello people spartan martans back in the house!

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Im back after a head on car crash, i was in a coma since 5 days after christmas to about 1 week ago.
How i woke up was.... well no one knows how i woke up, but anyways the good thing it... IM BACK!
I was on my way to the games workshop to play a tournament but a bunch of... CHAVES.... hijact
a car and well crashed into us head on! I have a few stiches but there mostly gone now, (luckaly)
And i just wanted to say hi again.

Any questions just ask :D ...Me.



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Dear Lord!

You've basically been in a coma for 2 and a half months! I was wondering why you haven't bumped your manga topic in such a long time. :lol:

It's good to have you back though. :)


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Good to see you back man!

My friend got in a car crash a few weeks ago, She was REALLY shook up, kind of like shellshock, had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks.

"I have thought hard about it....and...i want the plug pulled."
"Ma'am, your husband...isnt in a coma....he is just taking a nap..."

gotta love Talladega nights....


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Yea I thought about it like a month before.

"Been a while I saw this strange looking kitty avatar.." ^^

Welcome back FRROOOOOM de DEAAAD
Hey people thanks!

And i have got a brother wich helps me with my armor, whilty i was "away" He covord for me (we share this acct but its realy mine)

Hes 1 year younger than me =D

Anyways be su-sp-icous all you want, Im back baby!

And the car crash has alterd my ideals a bit, but i still aint religous and never will be =D

Ive forgot about my manga page, thanks for reminding me =D

My brother is G.E.Y. (not literally)

My dixlexia some how isnt as bad as it was.

I got my prezies bout 4 days ago. :lol:

GO WORLD OF WARCRAFT!(one of the prezies) :D

But.... no resin! Or bondo! WHAT A CRUEL WORLD! :mad:

and worst of all..... NO XBOX 360! OR HALO! :cautious:

My armor Is starting up again, and pretty fast too, Im making flying-squrals smooth helm, and ive done the top and back, now for the front. :cautious:

Edit: and i was mistaken it was 13 days after christmas. (Honestly i dont realy take track of when im in a comawhilt in a coma....) I knew but i forgot. (Bita memory probs, usaly happends) And if youve noticed i have been typing alot better.

spartanmartin, :D

It was 2 topics as i just found out, I made the harmiony topic, but my brother made the armor one and oder one,
We took pics like before christmas, then he made topic cos it was just a litle opic for wat i done.
Wel its a good thing to hear that youre allright.
If your brother was on here he should have posted a pray for me thing on here
anyway good to have you back
Well i think it too, its not realy his buisness to go around saying "Hey evryone, My brothers was involved in a car crash, please pray for him" When no one know's who the HELL my brother is.....

Anyways' thanks for your regards and Welcomes. =D


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My sister was going down a hill (to fast) and flipped over a bridge but it was only three feet of water so the only bad thing was her ipod got wet!
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