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As you can tell from my username iam a fan of the halo games and ive been collecting any thing i can get my parents to buy (Damn not having a credit card!) that has the word halo on it, I saved up for the halo legendary edition hoping i could wear the helmet, i got a master chief action figure just to have it, both of the die cast weapons but any ways, thats not why i came here. See iam kind of unlucky and the link for the armor creation isint working for me. So if any one could would you mind either telling me how to make it or telling me how to remove the bottom part of the legendary helmet so i can have a helmet i can wear the helmet.
im not sure having never tried it myself...but it think its a matter of just didasembling it...then putting it back together minus the game tray...but i could be wrong
Evil Femle said:
From what I have heard you just have to take out some screws. I may be wrong..

no you're right, take out the screws holding the plastic thin inside the helmet, and you can put it on...if you're small, and you can't see through the visor, you'd have to cut it out with a dremel or something like that, and put in a motorcycle visor.
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