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    Hello everyone, here is my name steve and I'm 41 years old and I come from France in the north and I'm passionate about airsoft, and I'm interested in halo games for many years and I plan to make a spartan armor took the game HALO 4 and DOOM, I still do not know which one if I'm here it's for help advice on my design thank you for your future advice soon
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    Hello houdart and welcome to the 405th!

    If you do start a Halo 4 Spartan there's plenty of resources in The Armory to help with patterns and templates. If you're new to costume building, definitely check out the Tutorial Index to learn some of the basics about different building methods. If you can't find some of the answers to your questions, just post a question and you'll likely have an answer quickly, the resident members of the forum are very active and helpful.

    Also TheCostumeGeek is a wonderful source of knowledge when it comes to the European Regiment and may even be able to find some members local to you in France.

    Good luck on your builds.
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    Welcome to the 405th houdart.

    TurboCharizard gave a perfect overview and indeed we have an very active Regiment in Europe.

    If you'd like to know more, feel free to shoot me a message and I'm looking forward to your future builds.

    Greetings from Germany :)
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    Welcome houdart !

    You've been given the overview, but I thought I would add... If you plan on playing airsoft in a halo suit please don't tell us. We are not allowed to encourage that. Wearing these costumes is exhausting, they get hot, they can be heavy with serious restrictions to movement and vision. Add actual physical activity to that you may get hurt.

    Regardless we still want to hear about your build and we will try to answer your building questions, but we will not be able to help if you tell us you're using it for airsoft.

    Goodluck and happy building!
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    Uh oh... houdart said the words!! Airsoft and halo!and TheCostumeGeek said shoot! Dont tell fangs or the noodle may get involved!

    Haha just playing around! Welcome and I hope to see your build goes well! We are here for you and are excited!
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    I have to disagree w/ you xXDashIVXx. This is not a topic to play around with.......Halo cosplay is costuming....Air-soft is simulated war games......anyone wanting to create HALO type armor for air-soft usage is highly discouraged as no mater how well built, a costume is no defense for an air-soft hit......The potential for serious injury or death is not something I would want on my conscience let alone linked back to this group and thought to be responsible. I do not discourage air-soft, but I will discourage an air-soft HALO costume being used as body armor.
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    Looking for the armor most defiantly has been laid out well for you. And being the European Regiment you should have plenty of people looking and able to jump to help you.

    But as stated by the other Air-soft and our armors are a bad combo and we highly recommend against it. So please just keep that in mind. We love halo and obviously halo cosplay. But injury is not wanted by any means. We all will jump to help you build. So hope everything goes well and welcome to the 405th
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    That's what I meant... I just dont want to bring up the rules such as this or necro posting because you guys are the officers. Sorry for being unclear and misdirectionate! :(
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