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Found some great deals at my local XS Cargo
-Led book reading lights (including batteries) 1.99 each
-Airsoft rifle (for BR modification) 29.99
-Led hat light 4.99
(disassembled led)
If I were to buy 4 of those reading lights... Would I be able to wire them together... :\

On to 1 kinda battery and 1 switch?
I'm sure you can but you probably need a decently good battery like a 12. Personally unless you don't have anything better to do i would use the leds in the tutorial for hooking leds to a helmet.
FinAeros said:
Check the "Wiring LEDS" tutorial for how to do that.

if I don't have time for that for the Halo 3 Release... I'll just buy 4 of the reading lights...
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You don't have time?

It would only take like an hour.

You don't even have to solder. You can even get small rubber tubes that you put over your wires, and they shrink to size when you hold a lighter under them.
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