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i just finished my 2nd helm, this is the one that im going to finish, should i put the paper face plate in now and cut it back out later or just leave it out?
its really up to you, some people take it out, but some people keep it on for extra support un till the resin and fiberglassing is done
I'd strongly advise you insert it for the time being.
It'll give the "shade" part of the helm Oh-so much more stability.

Of course, that depends on the cardstock you're using, but even so.
Well, like I mentioned: I honestly suggest you put it in there for the extra stability, even if it may be a minimum.
I put the visor in until I finished the first coat of resin. I didn't put any on the paper visor so that it would be easier to remove. Its really your choice though so do what you think is best for what you are trying to do.
visors in, going to resin tomarrow, ive heard a few different things, how many coats of resin go on the outside, and do i fiberglass the inside, or out?

i want the helm to be wearable, durable n paintable


you only need 1 coat of resin on the outside, some pople put 2. most pople fible glass the inside so they can keep the shape, and then the sand it to make it look round and then paint it
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